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remember to always use gyro controls when gaming
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File:frens_play_game.jpg (173.62 KB,900x900)

keyboard and mouse for strategy and FPS games.
arcade sticks for fighting games.
some kind of dedicated 2D controller (snes/genesis/whatever) for 2D platformers.
controllers with analog sticks for racing games, 3D platfomers, and 3D action games like DMC.
flight sticks and racing wheels for hardcore simulators.
the PC's greatest asset is user freedom, go nuts if you can afford it.


File:20210727_021259.jpg (181.57 KB,2246x1263)

check out this hitbox I put together the other day. I hated playing with a stick so was using a pad but I'm liking the hitbox layout a lot more.


>put together
You made it yourself?!
Also, how do the movement controls work on those, looks like your hand goes on the gray and left 3, but which is jump/crouch


I just ordered all the parts, actually putting it together is really easy. the left most 3 buttons are left down and right while that bigger button on the bottom middle is the jump. once you get use to the odd jump placement or just think if it like a spacebar it becomes really nice to play on. doing motion inputs on it are super easy and charge moves are a breeze. the placement of the jump button beans you can also use your right hands thumb to use it which makes it nice for down up charge moves since you can hit both buttons at the same time on one hand.


sugoku epic cool

File:P5ulu3i.png (3.37 KB,231x16)


We did it


am i now an official haxx0r


now to aim for 31337...


Bah. The next milestone is obviously 9000!


make it 9001.



File:SmartSelect_20210716-15522….jpg (723.55 KB,1321x1366)




angry autists


This isn't aimed at Kissu or anything, I just liked the bit at the end:
"Mandating the most basic level of civilized behavior is seen as an over step on imageboards. It makes no sense. Websites that are about having fun have no interest in keeping people like that around."



after the most recent thread lock I observed on kissu I was thinking along those exact same lines.

I think the key is communicating the communities values up front to set expectations correctly. If you put up "We're all about fun here so if you take offense, keep it to yourself or you'll be banned or your thread will be locked."

The usual idiots will still pop up but the bystanders like me will more easily understand why the mod action was taken.


Not taking it easy should be a baneable offense.


I agree with that guy.

File:SZf6f6I.png (318.46 KB,1028x700)


If the banner on the top left is to become bigger I don't think it should stay in the same place, but down the center.

This means that the layout needs a bit of alteration.
Kissu already has 3 candidates for this.
I'll post pictures of each
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Basically, Since there's no decisive winner I think I won't fully commit to something massively different from status quo but continue adjusting it until it works or there's a breakthrough idea on how to place them.


I think that's for the best. It's pretty good as is. All it needs is some subtle tweaking.


Banners on the new UI change upon a new post. On the vichan UI, they change on refresh.


Always preferred change on refresh.


There are some technical reasons why it changes on new post, but those reasons might not exist anymore.
So basically I'll think about the pros and cons.

File:steaming-tea-kettle.jpg (12.45 KB,608x342)


>I go to an arrangement for 24 hours and this board is degrading into r9k garbage talking about marriage, mysoginy and feels.

>If anyone disagrees with this lock, post about it on /b/ where I will perma ban you.


I wonder how long it is before stuff like 3D printing progresses into at-home chip fabrication.


File:4273a0d9be3b46f68d0e44024a….jpg (923.36 KB,1000x1400)

"Homemade chip"... Yes you can, when you have the whole microfabrication lab in your home.
All the fabrication instruments in the video cost a few million dollars at minimum. Not to mention you need to have enough space to set up all these stuffs.
It requires precision and control not attainable by 3D printing, and even if all the microfabrication instruments can be integrated into a single machine, the cost won't be cheaper.


>cost a few million dollars at minimum
Not really. There are a few things that would need to be purchased because they can't be done DIY, but the basic process is actually fairly affordable and can be done DIY. Namely, the photolithography, electron sputtering and thermal evaporation, and etching can all be done DIY. The few things that leaves is a wire bonder, furnace, and optionally an electron microscope, but this isn't strictly necessary because his 5 um lithography is large enough to view with standard optical magnification.

I would estimate that his total setup would cost ~$12K at minimum, and double that at most. The few things he does have are decommissioned surplus equipment. Obviously that's not super affordable for a hobbyist, but that's a far cry from several million!

You can read about how everything works here:

The process is "relatively" simple all things considered. The thing about producing ICs is that the only real limit is the photolithography stage. Fundamentally, a 5um process is no more complex than a 10nm process.

File:88422744_p0.jpg (718.48 KB,1600x900)


I want to try emulating android for some games, but people say bluestacks is full of ads and malware and nox has a bitcoin miner and chinese spying or something. Naturally, I can't actually google anything about this because there's 20 pages of search engine optimized crap because it's something related to smartphones.
Can kissu recommend me an android emulator? Or are there cracked versions of the previous ones out there maybe? Thanks.


File:d9dfb97969770b1ed74b483387….png (609.27 KB,1400x1700)


File:waterfox_W73jvI1GXw.png (140.29 KB,623x822)

The android emulator? Is this the one by google? The one people talked about with that one is google's usual data harvesting stuff.
I've done some more reading and it looks like bluestacks has cheating potential, which could be good for the freemium games... (if it's not all blocked by now)


Been using LD player, good emulator; an excerpt from #qa on the same topic:
May 25 21:22:08 <Anonymous> I just went with the new bluestacks because all the other emulators are kinda shit
May 25 21:22:29 <Anonymous> it's probably spyware but I don't really care for gachage
May 25 21:22:43 <Anonymou_> use lDplayer
May 25 21:22:47 <Anonymou_> its better than Bluestacks
May 25 21:22:55 <Anonymou_> *LDPlayer
May 25 21:23:39 <Anonymous> is it open source
May 25 21:24:20 <Anonymou_> dont think so
May 25 21:26:00 <Anonymous> what's the difference
May 25 21:27:31 <Anonymou_> I don't remember my bluestacks experience but LDPlayer has not once infinitely stuck on loading for me
May 25 21:27:50 <Anonymou_> was never able to use my gamepad on Bluestacks
May 25 21:28:03 <Anonymou_> oh yeah forgot the important thing that made me switch
May 25 21:28:09 <Anonymou_> LDPlayer has configurable storage
May 25 21:28:19 <Anonymou_> unlike bluestacks
May 25 21:28:54 <Anonymou_> it also has better keymapping than Bluestacks. Don't think bluestacks had tapping mechanics?
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File:NemuPlayer_O3A4rZSH7u.png (840.48 KB,1358x853)

I ended up using this Mumu App Player thing. Various /vg/ generals and /g/ (not that I trust /g/) recommend it and had guides for it. It's Chinese, but it's also been out for years and people have had time to check for miners and spying and stuff and it's clean.


After comparing things, LDPlayer definitely wins. Thanks for the suggestion >>7540
It runs faster and has more features than the Mumu one.

File:sample_7c87cd431f1d84c6476….jpg (140.79 KB,850x1069)








not even close to my first experience, i wanted to be a 1337 h4x0rZ when i was like 14 and installed slackware on the family computer
i spent a long time struggling and reading
also got yelled at by my mom

File:1346699523196.jpg (74.33 KB,640x480)


So there's a custom markup tag on kissu, but just how creative are you able to get with this cutsom markup? Any neat tricks /b/ may know?


Custom markup and URL text are known, but there's actually one more trick that I put into the new UI that no one knows about except me.

File:48bcc4ea619f37102938cc9715….jpg (86.21 KB,1000x634)


I don't touch kissu stream stuff typically, but was wondering if a certain number of people have buffering problems with it and if that effects your willingness to watch it.

File:9qpmETZ.png (481.72 KB,1853x936)


Laura on Rails


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (198.29 KB,1280x720)

Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura==Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura==


File:0a36c22ff25a44adf38898eacd….png (661.03 KB,1157x950)

So THAT'S her secret.

File:1596342433646.png (1.67 MB,1800x1900)


did v make it so that when you hover over a post number it opens the mentioned post in a small box no matter where you are on the page?
could have sworn it only used to do this if the mentioned post was off the page
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im not sure I understood your problem then. The issue of boxes showing up even if the base thread is in your view is something I need to add to the site.

The problem of clicking on a link and it opening up a new box can be changed by turning cite chains off


>The issue of boxes showing up even if the base thread is in your view is something I need to add to the site


File:imgonline-com-ua-Posterize….png (116.89 KB,1920x1080)

nice website, its how i did image editing on my phone


added: Kissu-Fr 3.9.0

confirm if it's what you meant then i'll move it into the main thread


im just seeing this now sorry
anyway this is exactly what i was asking for thanks

File:0e89a45f2e3204dff1d8b856af….jpg (811.04 KB,2088x1488)


Anyone been noticing a flicker when they resize windows after updating to the new firefox(89.0)?

I've only been noticing it on my Ubuntu OS. Not sure if it's happening to others.


Doesn't seem to be happening on winblows.

File:otter.jpg (63.67 KB,391x387)


Friendly greetings from https://onee.ch

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