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File:603b0a.png (513.05 KB,1280x780)


Looks at this photograph
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if everyone is evil then no one is evil

but it doesn't matter, what's important is hating something


are you trying to help or get me to hate you?





File:dw.png (1.24 MB,1200x1725)


File:pissu.png (595.52 KB,1110x1600)





File:[Alexvgz] Azumanga Daioh 2….jpg (210.39 KB,1440x1080)


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this sounds like an alarm


File:1576531291719.jpg (53.26 KB,640x480)







File:eb4b8cb6d56c2d2fcf8eb43c6b….jpg (714.33 KB,1215x1700)


Extended downtime in 30 minutes. Site will be redirected while down.
Schedule of downtime:
- 12:00est > DNS redirects and I do a 2nd backup of frozen site.
- 18:00est or less > site is wiped.
- 19:00est > begin restoring stuff
- 00:00est > site back up and I begin fixing any issues
- 12:00est > site should be fully operational

Timetable is just a rough approximation to give you the idea of what's happening. This is based on the 4taba backup which was much harder to do. Should be much smoother on kissu since this server only has the Kissu.moe rendering/posting handlers and the banners.

When the site is restored you can use this for general reporting until I move it back into >>>/b/


File:8d11acd4ec.png (20.52 KB,563x431)

wanted to install php8.0 to give the site a speed boost but it would require the site being down until noon tommorow. They added so many changes to PHP that this decade old vichan hunk of junk flops around like a fish out of water. Maybe another time.

In other news this 10 hour detour in site activity has given us 2-3GB which will last us a bit. If the site fills up too quickly I'll look more seriously into server changes and not penny pinch to the last month of our server lease.


Posting should be fully operational at this point. If anything isn't then place it into this thread.

banners.kissu.moe is still a bit broken. I'll be tending to that for the next few hours.


Looks like everything is back and running. I'll move this thread to /b/ when the timeline has passed.




done with things for now

File:0ed8aad5-8bb2-41f5-ba2a-ca….jpg (985.81 KB,1920x1080)


In order to increase the amount of SSD space we have available for Kissu I'm doing reinstall for our two servers. First will be the side server and then the main server.

Shortly before scheduled downtime posting will be frozen and there will be some redirects set up so that the community is directed into my other imageboards (4taba and kissu).

On Jan 10 at 12:00 EST the following services will be down for 24 hours MAXIMUM(list may be edited):
- 4taba.net -> DNS will be redirected into kissu.moe temporarily
- taba archiver
- theatre.kissu
- luna.kissu -> Most of our images, new images will be redirected into haiji.kissu during downtime
- Sageru IRC Bot
- umami
- Captchouli captcha
- kissu-cards

On Jan 12 at 12:00 EST the main kissu server will be down for 24 hours MAXIMUM:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


good chance that the luna servers will still be usable because of cloudflare's CDN, so I'm curious if there will be any service distruption on kissu aside from captcha not working.


File:86361288_p0.jpg (1.4 MB,2067x1447)

If you can see this image you are currently able to view kissu


I can see the increase in space


I forgot about the squid server.


File:a39989bad9.png (18.02 KB,534x359)

Services should be back now. 4taba has a bit more configuration to get to and the db was an earlier version than I had intended to save, but other than that seems to be smooth.

Learned a few things for Wednesday's clear.
Disk space issues seem to be resolved.

File:test.png (264.98 KB,653x576)


Kissu is turning three years old in a few weeks!
For some fresh air, let's have a contest to change the thumbnail images for various files or spoilers. A contest with no prize other than your peers' acknowledgement! Wow!
I figure that around December we'll do some voting to see what people prefer, but it may end up being obvious and not needed.

Thumbnail candidates:
-Audio File
-Archive File
-Flash File
-Spoiler (Story)
-Spoiler (NSFW)
-File Deleted
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These 3 win without contest due to being good quality and having no competition


File:86361288_p0.jpg (1.54 MB,2067x1447)

>win without contest due to being good quality and having no competition


What's going on with the poll results? how long until the decision?


have to update to add the spoiler one.

Other ones after going to be after christmas, probably new years.


after new years the polls will be closed and things added

File:73069494_p12.jpg (614.88 KB,912x912)


It would be nice to have a board that is specfically dedicated to all kinds of Touhou posting.
Besides of 4/jp/ we don't have a lot of active Touhou boards in the imageboard-realms, and we all know what a piece of shit 4chan is.
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File:1525970547275.jpg (345.51 KB,1000x800)

Yeah, I have the same question as the first reply. Kissu doesn't have an exclusive Touhou board, but I don't think anyone has felt the need for one. You could make 50 stupid throwaway Touhou threads on /jp/ right now if you wanted to, or create some serious threads on /qa/ and use them for years. You can post Touhou-related files on /f/, or dump thousands of cute or sexy 2hu images on /ec/.
Currently a thread on /jp/ has a lifetime of about a month without a bump and on /qa/ it's about half a year. I think there's certainly enough space for more threads if you so desire.

Personally, I don't think it's beneficial to isolate things into their own area when it comes to something like this. It's good for people to be exposed to new things they may enjoy, and I think imageboards work best with a shared community across all boards.


>And besides, I don't think you can call 4/jp/ a Touhou board anymore.
Really? I haven't been there in years other than taking an occasional look at the VN thread, but I just did a quick scan and more than a third of the board is Touhou. It makes sense that it would be the most prominent topic on the board, since Vtubers have their own board now, and most "/jp/ topics" were banned or condensed into generals a long time ago. (the Touhou threads themselves are mostly generals, anyway)


I don't think it would be that much of an isolation, the overboard is a thing, and you could make good use of that feature by expanding the amount of boards that you could browse through it.


> a dozen threads about the various aspects of Touhou, the games, the fan works from doujin to music works

I'd be fine with all of those threads on existing boards. The only thing I'd be against is if you made them as generals, which would also be the case on a hypothetical touhou board.
A thread like "what touhou doujin stuff do you like?" or "I just listened to ___ and it's good" are great threads, but something like "touhou doujin music thread, all music discussion goes here" would be detrimental.

>people would be freer to post about such topics
Maybe this is the crux of the matter. Do you not feel free to create as many touhou threads as you want as-is? We (kissu users) really want people to make threads to share their thoughts and interests so this is something to fix.


Have you tried making any Touhou threads OP? My Touhou doujin music thread on /qa/ got some talk and links going on. You just need to start a discussion if you want to see it.
I think it's something worth trying

File:why.png (59.21 KB,234x282)


Why yandex?
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is there not any option to exclude? also it may just be u lol.


Yandex is great at finding results for less than reputable sites that will show you popular movies for free.


movis vary nice?


it totally is, especially for reverse image searches.

google's has been steadily getting worse for years. it's practically useless at this point


>google's has been steadily getting worse for years. it's practically useless at this point
Also, I think google does not show sources for anime porn pics? Specifically loli. Don't know if its true or not though.

File:98272ae6e4e1eb334b78821d3d….jpg (191.67 KB,1200x1400)


How much does it cost to run the site?


are we talking about the cost of my time as a developer or the costs of renting things such as the domain and servers?


I'll give you both.
Kissu has 2 VPS servers that come out to $96 per year, a domain name for kissu.moe and also 4taba.net are something like $20 per year. lets just say $120/yr for me to just keep things as they are. Mind you there are times when I think we could be spending more on servers and I've had to do a lot of tests to verify that the site can sustain high post rates typical in spam or other malicious attacks.. which leads me to the next point.

Being a software developer costs 27$/hr and if you don't consider this as an overhead then stop reading, but if we were to evaluate the price of my time in developing and maintaining software, probably we could say $30,000? At this point dev work has stabilized and I'm not working on much so I don't think you could say that the cost of me working on the site is increasing, if you believe this sort of thing is a cost.

so 120$/yr and a flat cost of development of 30,000$

File:1443198585149.gif (221.65 KB,200x200)



I think any talk about norms/normies/normalfags/etc has a detrimental effect on kissu or any other site. Ideological purity tests rarely have a beneficial effect, as I think people visiting here want a more laid back attitude in which a perceived hierarchy is not of anyone's concern. Personally, I don't care if you're the president of Kenya, or a serial killer, or a hermit hasn't seen the sun in 40 years as long as you're nice here.
I don't propose a ban on it, but I think people really try to avoid these dick measuring contests. What say you?
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i know the liveboard got shut down a few years before the site itself was closed due to drama, but the admin themselves was a little crazy and paranoid about a lot of things so its hard to know what was actually drama. They were very active and very vocal about a lot of things, they were a tripfag with admin powers for the most part. i dont know much more than you, i lurked for a good bit but that blog thread was my first post, and after that i stopped going there.


I miss samachan and lol at all these misconceptions.


What did I get wrong? I can't say I've lurked there for that long, but those were my strongest impressions of it


meh, a-holes will be a-holes. can't do much about it except ignore them. as long as we hide their post so we don't see it anymore, then we'll be at more peace.


I don't know what their deal was but for what it's worth I archived the entire site in that brief window admin brought it back up to publish her long cringe novella about how she dreads her website being associated with 4chan just because it's an imageboard or whatever. yeah what do you expect?

File:[Commie] Bishounen Tanteid….jpg (305.04 KB,1920x1080)


Meta Thread!

For all the stuff you really, really, care about. And I don't.
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File:[SubsPlease] Waccha PriMag….jpg (161.04 KB,1280x720)

I'm very happy to see new people and wish to see kissu continue to grow and I want people to feel welcome. There was one post that was a bit too much for the laid back atmosphere, but it doesn't mean the poster is unwelcome. I hope he stays, he's here posting because he likes it and things are proceeding as normal.
Hell, a big meta thread taking things completely out of proportion is a proud tradition that we're partaking of again!


File:1407607750355.jpg (30.79 KB,342x371)

meta stinky~


I have never been to Quebec, don't know anything about Quebecois politics, and haven't the slightest idea of what the real life Quebec equivalent of what I'm saying is. And I'm not a fucking American. I'm just force-fed information about their country's sociopolitical landscape by virtue of being an English speaker and using the internet. See what I'm getting at?


File:1608675721670.jpg (107.2 KB,850x708)

Uh oh......


My politics actually probably align closer with the guy who had his comment deleted, but it's pleasing that you all are keeping that sort of garbage nipped in the bud; political discussion is like the death of 1000 cuts for community quality and overall I'm just tired of seeing it everywhere on the net.

We really lose nothing from not having it.

File:kissu ai.PNG.png (200.32 KB,273x289)



File:Kissu-Ven.jpg (1.8 MB,4495x3916)


I've done a bit of thread moving based on this diagram and deleting a few posts from /b/.

I didn't move everything that I thought was out of bounds. Only ones that seemed clear and left a ghost post to show where items have been moved to.
This diagram isn't showing what is allowed, only how I feel about the organization of what exists.
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I'll be renamimng
/sum/ - Seasonal Blogging
and so on to
/sum/ - Summer Activities
/aut/ - Autumn Activities
/win/ - Winter Activities
/spg/ - Spring Activities

To make /qa/ more of a central board on the site again:
Some existing threads(relevant ones that are not too old) that have more than 5 replies which are discussing music, food, and tech on that board will be moved to /qa/.
New threads discussing the above topics will be moved into /qa/.
History and tech will stay on /sum/. Documenting events happening in that season will stay on /sum/.

If there comes a time where /qa/ is too dense and good threads are getting lost(such as the time when /jp/ was created) then this statement could become void and /sum/ will return to hosting music, food, and tech. But for now, I want to focus on how it's a board for the summer season, and not a random that conflicts with /qa/.


Done a bunch of moves of content that could have been in /qa/ or /jp/, but was placed into /sum/.

Tech discussion is a bit of a tricky question. One that I won't answer. If people want to discuss windows 11 it might be moved onto /qa/, but if you want to discuss tech on /qa/ or /sum/ I wont pass any judgment.

I believe this is the last of the reorganizing.
I'll update the picture in the OP to better contain my idea of Kissu's organization and place it into the FAQ


File:Kissu-Ven.jpg (2.3 MB,4495x3916)

Last update, this issues been resolved to me.


something a bit confusing.

Food is an element of the seasons. In fall is the harvest, in summer there's bbq, in winter there's roasts, in spring theres(idk what's in spring).

But there's also a crossover with blogging that goes on /qa/ so discussing food is sort of in a perilous situation where you can discuss drinking or cooking on the respective /qa/ general thread, but it also makes sense on /aut/.

Until the two /qa/ threads hit the 300 reply limit I can't exactly refine the organization of these topics so that it's clear where these things are better placed.


i must be the only one here who would be totally ok with just a single board containing everything

File:1521788087935.png (77.05 KB,320x320)


Do you think we should do any outreach at 4/jp/ with all of that brouhaha going on? On one hand there's still some good people there, but on the other hand it's still 4chan so they're the minority
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You're greatly overestimating the people who would come here from any advertising.


Indeed. Which is why it's a "worst case," not "the most likely case."


yeah but in that case you just expel the shitters


File:1608761622716.png (369.53 KB,562x494)

We have moderation here you know. The mods don't just sit on their asses unlike the 4chan mods.


File:1442386967450.jpg (33.22 KB,500x510)

I feel a little sorry for the good people who are still clinging onto 4/jp/ despite it now being nothing but a sea of generals and empty image dumps. I would like to reach out to them but the opportunity to naturally mention other imageboards rarely comes. And I'm not sure if the posters here are too keen on risking bringing over shitty posters to kissu, which there has been a surge of on 4/jp/ ever since vtubers took off in the west.

File:oHYyZRS.jpg (25.97 KB,603x466)


Why does the end of season always have the least discussion about anime?


That doesn't make sense....


File:pS5NP3aGIBuYLQdLYlDDPmtJZL….jpg (26.56 KB,480x360)

makes sense to me


File:[SubsPlease] Peach Boy Riv….jpg (154.01 KB,1280x720)

I guess things are less exciting after a couple months.. and well you can't really discuss spoiler stuff that much and that's how it goes after the first few episodes?


Probably. I start to feel like keeping up with seasonals is a job around this time if I wasn't prudent in dropping stuff.

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