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File:5cb3e8fa17cbf82cac7657b8ef….png (1.4 MB,1378x2039)


>you sound like a woman who just menstruated, teenmin.
What a disgusting slimeball norm. Go play in a puddle of piss before you have the required humility to talk to me.

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File:1463235537740.png (846.52 KB,654x964)

I happen to like this website.


File:22b9dfd71b5555366800ad2498….gif (1002.42 KB,500x600)

I like the site but I don't like hibikid. It's a conflicting feeling.


File:af8dc7df31d481e6f6ad9b7e00….jpg (325.02 KB,1457x2064)

I don't like you either.


I like him. He's not my favorite person in the whole wide world, but I think imageboards need more admins like him; people who are willing to step in and enforce quality control.


Die norms.


Why was my post deleted? This stupid fucking teen admin never understood the point of /qa/ or /jp/ yet tries to inject himself into it whenever he can. What a fraud.
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File:028.jpg (389.52 KB,1280x1400)

>Post a reply and watch me ignore it
Like I already did yours? Sure.


rename it to pissu


File:1538802020500.png (263.62 KB,1000x1400)

hibikid is a mentally unstable admin who has to be constantly restrained by his other two mods. this thread really cleared any of my doubts regarding that: >>9758 at least they do a goob job at restraining him though.

please take a break from moderating when you are like this. your mind is clearly not in the right place right now.


Bumping a year old thread chain was moved out of a different thread does not exactly make you a reliable source of opinions



File:89b.png (332.79 KB,600x600)


Three IPs have gotten warnings.
As soon as these people do something explicitly against the rules I am banning you and you better hope that one of the mods contests it.(Idiot)
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File:1478326550976.png (179.05 KB,355x541)

Ahem, a moderator's judgment is typically the flashpoint for instability. If anyone has or will "infiltrate the system", it will be someone who does not claim to represent the views of the community, but who makes emotional and impulsive decisions based on their judgement at the moment. If the views or aims of the community are at odds with that of moderation, it should not be a matter of personal discretion to determine fault. This is the role of having set guidelines, so that each knows what's expected of them. Forsaking the rules, and relying on personal judgement is impulsive and emotional and only leads to resentment, causing more issues down the line. When the rules are ignored, faith is lost in either party breaking the rules. "Trust is built in drops and lost in buckets". When faith is lost in moderation there becomes little reason for users to follow rules, even if they might recognize their actions are, in hindsight, detrimental.

Moderation can either be sheep dogs leading a herd to greener pastures or wolves chasing the herd off a cliff. If you want a site to flourish, keep the herd happy.


If you want a website that ends up the way as 4chan, with /b/ or /pol/ controlling the site from the background(clawing it's way into positions of influence) then you should go ahead with your ideas. Fair power structures that appeal to your emotions are easy to subvert.

Unfortunately for you, this website's power structure does not appeal to your feelings and, in the case where I view my mods as being subverted by malicious individuals who seek to upset the power balance, then I will overrule them. Until then, I simply voice my concerns with them. That's the way it works.

Simply put, it is a presidential veto or executive orders which can at any time overrule the house and senate


File:heh.jpg (131.71 KB,1280x720)

>- has threatened to ban evade and will speak in riddles, hinting he is schizophrenic
remember this little part about the copypasta about you? it's funny that you still do that to this day.


>If you want a website that ends up the way as 4chan, with /b/ or /pol/ controlling the site from the background(clawing it's way into positions of influence) then you should go ahead with your ideas.


File:87a98dd6359d403ed9c6238174….gif (393.49 KB,994x311)


Diversity of opinions makes a site go forward, but compromising the site's identity shouldn't happen in the process. Many people have many ideas. But many people seek to fulfill their own goals. There is only the one chairman and the others are acting out it's goals and interpretting it's vision



This guy's going places in the defense sector


even when spelled out for retards i still don't get what this things talking about


As the missile moves, it can determine the amount of deviation in determining it's location by referring to its sensor data while moving through space. And it uses this deviation to course correct. From course correcting, you can assume that the missile is actually where you want it to be along its path. If upon course correcting, the missile is still off course, the missile has encountered a "variation" such as wind speed pushing the missile off course. So long as the variation is not significant, no changes are necessary to its course. If the changes are significant, however, because we know information such as the speed of the missile and what direction it was moving, we can be reasonably sure of its position based on this previous information within a certain margin despite the variation in actual position with expected position. This difference in expected position and actual position is called error.


it's about error

File:[Coalgirls]_Cardcaptor_Sak….jpg (132.3 KB,960x720)


Are youtube embeds a good or bad thing? On one hand they give a preview to and quick access to the content surrounding a post/thread, and on the other they're an easy way for certain people to tard out and get their thread immediately judged and disregarded because it's more a crutch for not having an image.
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>For example, if a wojack image is posted it is dismissed
that's due to the nature of the frogs-feels pseudo complex
I'd explain it to you but you'd need a phd in /qa/-ology to understand


I think youtube embeds are bad because they discourage standalone copies of the video file.


File:emiya.jpg (34.07 KB,600x450)

I don't understand.



They're pretty much useless because you can't see what it's about before clicking and I wont click. I'd rather have something that transforms urls into the title.


On why bad community websites fail
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don't care about politics talk.


it's meta talk


nope. when the video is talking about "blah blah right wingers think this" "left winger think that", yeah, that's politics.


see past that part and you can see that it's a very meta discussion on why alternative platforms fail. Very easy to insert it into any community that exists


yeah, ones with politics are shit. that's all the meta I care to read into.


I don't really like higher math, but simple algebraic geometry like this is fun.
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Did you know there's a whole field of higher math called algebraic geometry?


No please...


File:picture.png (41.42 KB,1566x1308)

this is a picture, good for looking at


File:856a4783bd25c9fcdd33046378….png (11.57 KB,401x223)

Problem from the Shimizu shrine, Nagano prefecture, in 1828. A chain of five circles of radii rn (n = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) is inscribed in the right triangle ABC. Find a and b in terms of r1 and r5.


made a bigger diagram using incenters. click and drag the blue dots

File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge!….webm (1.76 MB,1920x1080)


Is there a way to manipulate what thumbnail a webm/mp4 shows?
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I think frame 0 would probably be for the best, sometimes a webm is spoiled by showing its mid contents first.


The main issue with using frame zero is that a lot of videos with a fade-in at the beginning wind up with solid black thumbnails.


Frame 10?


Or, frame 10 if longer than 10 frames and halfway through if not?


Something like that might work well. I don't know any statistics on how long these fade-ins last so you'd have to test it on videos people have posted.

This seems to have a lot of examples, you could use them for testing:

File:4fb63cc9aab84af280979961c1….png (2.54 MB,1488x1910)


I'll apologize if I offended. I can't really handle watching people troll others right now without over reacting.

I'm not really in the right place mentally to really explain much, but I went to elementary school in a foreign country which was undergoing a civil war. Moved around a lot and never really managed to fit into whichever country I was in. I'm extremely aggressive and discriminatory when it comes to situations of aggressor against bystander.
If I see someone doing something I perceive as bullying another person I'll opt for the max punishments.
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I don't have an intention to change how I am or the system. I know that some people take extended breaks from the site(this is normal). During the russian-invasion some people are probably taking a break from the internet altogether while others are glued to it.

There are likely ways to improve the way things are run, which is what I like to gather when I do something unpopular.


Can the soyjak spammers be indicated with something more descriptive than "low quality" in the ban list? It makes it look like you get a permaban for "lol u tk him 2 da bar|?"


They should be labeled as spam. I can bring this up with the others.


How are moderators supposed to identify and deal with consistent bad actors if entire post histories aren't considered?


label it as cancer

File:1534367151641.png (418.37 KB,677x662)


what's the overall ratio of sages to bumps on this site? it seems like so many people use sage for some reason
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Slight increase, 1 sage per 3 posts in 2020 versus 1 sage per 2.9 posts in 2022. Unless I got it wrong.


sounds right


Kissu's changed.


Kissu... Kissu never changes.



File:desktop_thread.png (1.11 MB,1366x768)


a technololigy board with no desktop thread?
that's no good

no time for love,
desktop thread
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I took the time to install perfect dark but never actually found a use for it afterall.
Any good uncommon finds on your end?


File:1589305245015.jpg (440.74 KB,1440x900)



how do you live with that desktop


File:2021-12-02-061948_1600x900….png (1.72 MB,1600x900)

It's a very simple i3 setup not much but very usable. My terminal windows also have transparency so I can see my wallpaper, I use ZSH and p10k as my ZSH theme


File:CRT-PGA.png (8.52 MB,3520x1200)

Made a new desktop that I thought might work well, but having it set as my desktop I'm not sure about it. Maybe adjusting the saturation would help.

File:clover.png (11.14 KB,183x179)


what if i put kissu here?
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but how am I supposed to post on kissu when im smoking outside?


File:how to fix the mobile mena….png (8.12 KB,640x480)

get an extension cord and put your computer on one of those desks with wheels and wheel yourself outside.


I get where you're coming from, but I often post to kissu at work, and making the site more mobile hostile would make that a pain.


File:catio-cat-enclosure-catios….jpg (93.4 KB,800x600)



File:dfb412_48.png (1.43 MB,1146x908)


Mobile Debug: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected non-whitespace character after JSON data at line 3 column 70 of the JSON data -- {"redirect":"\/jp\/index","noko":false,"id":"28027","thread":"28027"}{"error":"ftp_login(): Login incorrect."}




other server must have gone down


i can't even find thread 28027




the forbidden boobers thread

File:A794A21B-B77A-43A6-A0E5-6….jpeg (220.65 KB,750x496)


What's the point of having so many boards for a dead site
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i only do it on occasion
cause i forget


It's an unpopular opinion here but I think less boards is better too


File:finger.png (347.71 KB,600x387)

Something to keep in mind about early kissu post stats is that during that time I was making like 100-150 posts/day, and after a while it became pretty tough to keep up and the numbers of replies to my posts was dwindling. Whenever I looked at the front page it was like looking at nearly all me, and it was grating on me. Now I make like a dozen posts and kissu is mostly autonomous, so I'd say the current time is much better. Also that state of affairs led to a bunch of bad meta threads that artificially increased the post rates.


I agree that less boards is better for a small site, but I don't see how Kissu is at all an example of having an excessive number of boards. There's three general discussion boards, a meta board, the Higurashi board, an image sharing board, a flash board, a polling board, and whatever hidden boards there are. The only board that I find truly extraneous is /cry/, and you could probably cut one of the general boards too, but otherwise there's not much that could be removed without reducing functionality. It's only when you've got a long list of utterly dead boards that it's really an issue, and I don't see that here.


>Also that state of affairs led to a bunch of bad meta threads that artificially increased the post rates.
This period will be forever known as "The Era of the Great Meta Debates". I am rather glad that era has subsided.

File:1514203858702.jpg (144.09 KB,500x700)


hey friends i just made a new chan drop by and say hi sometime

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File:1366468029965.jpg (89.21 KB,661x452)







Je suis mort.


angel mort

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