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File:#jp.mp4 (19.48 MB,1158x722)


Truly, IRC is the last bastion of old internet
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not that anon but i think that would be epic and for the win


I would love that.


i wonder if you could post from a terminal browser like lynx if you had a vip token


You can post from anything if you know how to send a POST request.


They were in their heyday too. That's what I thought looking at OP's vid, too much activity to be representative of ye olde irc.
I'd hit up the dcc bot for a batch of anime like a week later and there would be maybe a dozen posts from 300 idlers.

File:icon128.png (196 B,128x128)


Although I haven't done much development on 4chan X lately, bugs still crop up, and eventually I want to get around to making it work with the new Kissu UI. This is a thread where you can discuss problems with or suggestions for 4chan X. I'm thinking about linking this from the bug reporting page if Verniy's okay with it.
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I got around to trying out a new firefox profile and it seems to have fixed the issue. Ugh, now I have to try and migrate all my settings over...


Now there are some useless lines. I was using this on uBlock to hide the garbage

! https://boards.4channel.org
boards.4channel.org###delform > hr

! https://boards.4chan.org
boards.4chan.org###delform > hr
boards.4chan.org##body > .adl
boards.4chan.org###delform > .danbo-slot
boards.4chan.org###delform > .adl


btw, don't use lens for image search, it's awful
this one just works


I'll take a look at it to see if it can be improved. Bear in mind it's not my intention to hide the ads, just clean up unused space when the ads don't load due to script blocking. If Hiro at any point decides to use Javascript-free ads or even just fall back to them when ad scripts are blocked, I'd support that.

Thanks, didn't know the old one was still working with the extra parameter. I've updated it.


didn't know either... will have to change this site to use that as one of the presets...

File:1523906435605.gif (30.83 KB,320x241)

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Use this thread for testing features on a live board. Pay no attention to the content of the posts.
Hiding this thread will stop notifications and annoyances.
For thread testing and tests that don't involve notifications there is >>>/test/


Reminiscing on /qa/ I realized there hasn't been one of these in a while
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put in update so that sage vanishes when you use it once, but noko and any other options remain





File:ca6969e3e7769383a973405f55….jpg (2.4 MB,2164x1731)


I have always imagined that an average kissu poster is someone who is only interested in Japanese 2D media, video games, and other purely solo activities; who doesn't watch any form of 3D media including streamers; who doesn't care about anything happening in the world unless it's of direct concern of his interests; whose sole purpose of life is to practice his interests; who avoids all kinds of human interaction as much as possible; and who has zero desire to talk about anything other than his interests online.

Yet there are lots posts here indicating that a sizable amount of posters here aren't like that; they seem to be well versed in all kinds of real-life topics, and whenever controversial real-life topics or those tangentially related to the solo interests are mentioned here, discussions often spiral out of control with heated arguments, low quality discussions, and personal insults. They seem to be very intrigued in these types of discussions, because the 2D interests discussions have never reached the high posting speed they have.

So, what's happening here? An average kissu poster as I imagine would never be involved in such discussions because they're so ignorant of any real-life topics that they simply have no opinions on them and therefore have no interest to participate. Are kissu posters all riajuu in secret? Are they no different from average 4chan posters who frequently bring up real-life stuffs in threads on solo interests?
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I'm a procreation and child-rearing otaku.


I'm a debt-refinancing otaku


2chan has always had a reputation of cliquishness and thin skin relative to 2ch/5ch.


File:1653875774998.jpg (254.74 KB,1920x1080)



File:1584650902874.jpg (152.66 KB,1280x720)

File:genius_comes_17.jpg (768.16 KB,1064x1500)

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Today I begin a programming project to construct real numbers and various operations on them. I don't mean the wimpy limited precision floating point numbers that you've probably used if you've ever written a program in your life. Nor do I mean arbitrary precision numbers which can have as many digits as you like (until your computer runs out of memory) but still have irrecoverable rounding error because the digits end at some point. I mean exact representations of numbers that can be queried to any precision (which in practice may be limited by time and memory constraints).

This has been done many times before and probably much better than I will manage, so I don't expect to create anything really novel or useful. This is primarily for my own edification, to learn more about numbers and the computable/constructive reals. In this thread I will blog about what I'm doing and discuss the philosophy of numbers with anyone who's interested.
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A next obvious thing to do is to prove that our piecewise function making function behaves as we want; that is, that
¥ x ≤ a implies piecewise(a,f,g,p)(x) = f(x) and
¥ x ≥ a implies piecewise(a,f,g,p)(x) = g(x).

It turns out to be more useful to first show
¥ piecewise(a,f,g,p)(x) <> f(x) implies x > a and
¥ piecewise(a,f,g,p)(x) <> g(x) implies x < a.
1) Suppose piecewise(a,f,g,p)(x) <> f(x).
Then there is a k such that piecewise(a,f,g,p)(x)[k] < f(x)[k] or piecewise(a,f,g,p)(x)[k] > f(x)[k].
There are three cases:
1a) If x[k] < a[k], then
piecewise(a,f,g,p)(x)[k] = f(x)[k], so we have f(x)[k] < f(x)[k] meaning f(x)[k].max < f(x)[k].min, which is impossible since f(x)[k] is nonempty.
1b) If x[k] > a[k], then
x > a, and we are done.
1c) Otherwise,
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I've added the piecewise function generating function to the calculator demo:

So you can now do things like this:
let abs := piecewise 0 (x => -x) (x => x) in abs (-4.5)


File:[SubsPlease] Shinmai Renki….jpg (54.8 KB,760x720)

Been thinking about this question again. Haven't solved it, but I noticed we can remove this condition:
>Suppose also that we know that at least one of the programs (possibly both) does not halt.

Suppose we have the desired algorithm, and we feed it two computer programs, both of which halt. In the original question, the behavior of the algorithm is unspecified, so it may give either answer, or some nonsense answer, or simply never halt. We can produce a modified algorithm by running the original algorithm in parallel with programs A and B. If both A and B halt before the original algorithm halts, or if the original algorithm halts first with nonsense output, let the modified algorithm output the choice "A" (arbitrarily chosen, "B" would work just as well for this argument). Otherwise, let the modified algorithm await the result of the original algorithm and halt with that output. The modified algorithm is guaranteed to halt in all cases, and is guaranteed to output "A" if A does not halt but B does halt, and is guaranteed to output "B" if B does not halt but A does halt. Furthermore, any algorithm with this property meets the original specification.

Thus we can restate the problem as follows:
¥Is it possible to write an algorithm which, given two computer programs A and B, correctly concludes, in a finite amount of time, either that "if A halts then B halts" or that "if B halts then A halts"? If it's not possible, how can we prove that?


File:20d38a03c6d2799b5dd8b33faa….png (782.56 KB,945x1087)

I think I've got it using a variation on the original halting problem argument.

Suppose we have a function compare_halt with four arguments
¥compare_halt(prog0, data0, prog1, data1)
satisfying the specification
¥if prog(data0) halts and prog(data1) does not halt, the output is 0
¥if prog(data1) halts and prog(data0) does not halt, the output is 1
¥otherwise the output can be either 0 or 1.

Consider the program

function F([i, prog]) {
if compare_halt(prog, [0, prog], prog, [1, prog]) == i then
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Some corrolaries.

¥There is no general algorithm which, given two programs that output infinite decimals as streams, computes the infinite decimal representing their sum.
Let A and B be two computer programs.
Let x start with "0." followed by 0's until program A halts, at which point the digits change to 1's.
Let y start with "0." followed by 9's until program B halts, at which point the digits change to 8's.
If A halts and B does not halt, then x+y > 1, and the ones place of x+y must be 1. If B halts and A does not halt, then x+y < 1, and the ones place of x+y must be 0. Thus there is no way to calculate the ones place of x+y.

Note that it's possible to get around this problem by using more than 10 digits. For example, infinite decimals built using the digits -9 through 9, like I talked about in >>9462, don't have this problem.

¥There is no general algorithm which converts an object of our real number type to a stream of digits giving an infinite decimal representation of the number.
In >>9596 I mentioned I didn't know a proof of this; now we have one. We can easily convert a stream of digits into a stream of nested rational intervals. For example, 3.14... becomes [3,4], [3.1,3.2], [3.14,3.15], ... . If we could convert back into an infinite decimal stream, then we could take the two infinite decimal streams from the previous proof, convert them into nested interval streams, add them, then convert to the desired inifinite decimal stream.

Note that there would be no problem converting to infinite decimal form if we allow the digits -9 through 9. Also, there's no problem with doing what's done now in
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File:liruu.jpg (817.98 KB,1200x1905)


Liru is a miracle of the universe.
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File:1628663872462.png (162.2 KB,410x498)


Why is she so brown?


File:1528313842595.jpg (37.17 KB,382x382)


Because she likes the outdoors.


File:1523135964003.jpg (57.25 KB,640x480)



File:LiruCute.png (1.14 MB,2550x3400)


File:49b6c4a6d178b85c731274ab10….jpg (153.17 KB,2000x1800)


You know, I think I've been unfair to the new UI.
Back in the day it was raw as hell, I only reluctantly started using because /cry/ didn't appear in the original one's RSS, and combined with the repeated shitstorms that went down it's had a bad aftertaste that never really went away. But after revisiting threads like >>5941, >>7640, and all the autism from the older feedback threads, I can see that things have changed for the better, and can now appreciate that it's actually really good.

Not just the RSS on the sidebar but its links as well, the preview button, the formatting shortcuts, I use them all the time. Very handy stuff. The top of the site looks great, much less empty space compared to the old one, and having horizontal instead of vertical fields is pretty neat. I'm a bit torn on the catalog since it's divided into all these pages the original doesn't have, which is a bother, but at the same time bigger images are nice. I always open new tabs using middle-click so most of the time I forget the right-click hijack even exists.

So yeah, good job, V, good stuff.


Imageboard catalogs are an eternal work in progress. No one has mastered them and everyone has differing ideas.
I don't even use it all that much myself.

It tries to do what 4chanX does while addressing a problem with some imageboards where opening up a large board will freeze your browser session as it tries to generate a couple thousand threads. Without pages /all/ would be like this. There's also some other technical limitations why I emphasize pages more than others


File:[SubsPlease] Rougo ni Sona….jpg (229.08 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, a lot of progress was made and it's looking great. Needs more themes, though, which means I need to get off my butt and make more of them... eventually


i cant believe theres no utawarerumono theme


I thought about it, but I'm making a theme for kissu and not myself and I don't even know what an Utawarerumono one would look like. I guess I could try to think of inspiration for it, but it's a lot less concrete than a Lala one with the space theme. For example, what color makes you think of Utawarermono? None of them, really.
But, I guess I could try to make it look like Tuskuru with its ainu themes maybe... we'll see.......... one day

File:c752b1f0c9.png (13.39 KB,290x362)

 No.5941[Reply][Last50 Posts]

this makes me want to cry...

also why is it more annoying to input an embed file now
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I wanted to get /b/thread/5941.json to work in case, but that's seeming to be harder than i thought with all the rules in the server block


will replace the floatbar concept with a window that appears on page startup when there's a new news item.

This will contain the message of the day concept that was attached to the vichan UI and reduce the number of info messages on first load.


the good old days...


yes, this was quite bad, but I was still in the right


It surprises me just how recent the current implementation of the custom UI is. I always think it was introduced earlier than it actually was. I guess that speaks to how good of a design it is.

File:1641689046089.png (543.18 KB,587x720)


when are we going to get rid of the animal names, im tired of them and want everyone to be called anonymous again
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File:Futoku no Guild - S01E12.m….jpg (253.65 KB,1920x1080)

Soon, I guess. I kind of forgot about them, which I suppose is a sign that they've become normalized


February the latest, the earliest when Cool ask's me


ok they're gone


File:5776e1d112b059b6beb34a8c66….jpg (76.61 KB,619x1000)

I don't think it worked


cute hibiki


Diagrams are VERY important


File:[Kaleido-subs] Tensei shit….jpg (298.6 KB,1920x1080)


(didnt watch the OP video) this guy says diagrams from category theory are good
>Notice that the lines are "data" and the boxes are "functionality" -- the opposite of many programmers' instincts, but it's a really helpful framing.
never thought of doing it that way. maybe I'll give it a shot at w-word.


when drawing artworks, think like an artist... wow, what a great advice, i could've never imagined that!

File:c3957a4d5e3fdd9782697fb8d4….png (87.38 KB,430x425)


Has anyone actually ever failed a captchouli because they didn't know the character?
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The goal isn't for it to be difficult but I think it's clear.
Captchouli is a speed limit on spam rather than a deterance. The Kissu-UI being a fully JavaScript UI negates essentially all primitive web bots to our top ranked pages on search engines and linked from other sites.


Yeah. I think the ones I mess up most often are probably the blep :P or pout ones.


Sorry I'm such a newfag, but where is captchhouli used?
I found the github repo(https://github.com/bakape/captchouli), really cool concept, but there's no captcha on kissu, so is there some other website related to kissu that uses it?


I've modified the filter system (Flood Detected) to use a captcha instead of outright rejecting the post. Users fill out the captchouli captcha and it bypasses the flood warning. But the parameters only get adjusted by me if the site is in a situation where it's required. Otherwise you probably won't notice unless doing imagedumps(in which case I have a purchased-pass system that allows you to bypass it that have been given to ~10-12 people).

The captcha itself hasn't been adjusted in probably a year, but I can decide what sort of tags to use and pollute the database with junk that will never be used to make it harder to solve. However, it's such a rare thing because we try to only let mature people post and have automatic systems to block tor and some proxy/vpn.


$1[s glowpink][/s]

File:1663225180164425.png (132.1 KB,267x314)


hi um.. im new... will you guys bully me... for being new... I used 4chan for a long time so I'm not new you know... I didn't want to use this website because I was afraid of being called new but I got the courage... I also used heyuri and shamik.ooo for a while... is it ok for me to be here with all of you...? am I allowed to post yuyus here... and be nice to each other...?
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you're only saying that because yours is subpar


I will bully you for being new so that others don't realize I'm also new and bully me for it.


File:72229309_p0.png (1.43 MB,2700x2700)

I want a yuyu to stalk me.


probably scared them off


didnt help that it was a really slow day

File:fb292f595c5f32fdd45f871c12….jpg (319.9 KB,1047x1500)


On June 1st posting will have some interrupts while we transfer site information from one location to another. As apposed to the site reformat that happened earlier this year(>>9095), there should not be a half a day long downtime.

Since Kissu is in the last 6 months of it's 4 year server lease our hosts are changing and our server hardware is being upgraded.

Switching from a VPS provider to a Cloud provider.
3X the cost with 3.2X the storage, 2X the RAM and a better CPU (though our former host never gave any details on what they use). Formerly our servers were chosen for being the cheapest option. Currently the focus is on increasing the site's performance and fine tuning our hardware to what makes posting the fastest.
The most important thing of note is that the increase in storage space will resolve an issue with post times that I was working around. Uploading files directly to luna will cease to be a thing(at least until I rework the algorithm).

In addition to the above, but not effecting your posting quality in any way:
A separate VPS server will be purchased and will be uploaded with full backups every 24hr. This ensures that suspensions from server hosts or hardware failure will only ever roll us back a day.

Services such as 4taba, theatre.kissu, file-url-upload and luna.kissu will continue to exist in the same manner as they have been.
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File:8384fd0729d0e41df8717e2ba9….gif (1.5 MB,417x394)



is this 10goo?


don't answer that, a rhetorical question


if he is, he's missed a lotta GETs


lotta missed GETs for a hired GETstealer

File:Tribune_Tower.jpg (1.19 MB,1200x1600)



File:d9560d5d7835178a97d9c1e117….png (2.29 MB,1920x1080)


Now that ChatGPT can write and debug programs, are we going to replace verm with this and let it program and do site maintenance?


File:__adeptus_mechanicus_warha….jpg (708.62 KB,981x1280)

Praise the machine spirits!
Glory to the Omnissiah!


the article you probably read said that in a normal environment outside of code competition it's still at a programmer under a year of exp. Programming can be spead up by code autowritting but creating an entire program is less strongly defined than a theme in an art piece.

And ai probably won't ever touch AI anyways because I have the opinion this stuff is mostly negative for a person to know.

Like, you need to have a masterful English vocabulary and theory to write a novel qnd understand why others a not as great. Having an AI perform chunks of cognitive action will only lead to a weaker writter. Same goes for art.


and like you could have used an AI image instead of a human drawn one.

AI assistance is good to increase functionality in software, but as a cost cutter and a timesaver I dunno how I feel about that

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