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supposedly it takes ~14 weeks to make a website

This is roughly in line with what I planned and the ratios almost identical.

Just some interesting info. I don't know much about this.

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Wish nodejs had pointers....
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If you want the cache to do you any good, it's probably a good idea to minimize the number of options that can affect the HTML of a post.


yeah, only the necessary settings are put into a cookie for rendering. I dropped a few things that I didn't think were worthwhile. The 3 cache specific variables of server rendering are embedding thumbnail vs standard embed, Reverse image included or not and post stub, missing(not included) or full post. Even then I could take out the reverse image cookie and put that in localstore. A 200mb cache can hold a lot of 1kb posts.

The other big thing is the sorting type, but posts are cached so it's just a matter of working out client and server to be consistent.

Default mode will be where posts are added as you scroll(infinite scrolling) either in the index or inside of a thread so the server won't die when it hits a 1000 post load that it may or may not have fully cached. A page won't be completely loaded unless a GET flag is set or the user sets the option to be given paged mode. The concept of pages could potentially just vanish unless an archive requests it.


and an update system is going to be another component so the main server can notify the SSR server that it needs to either adjust contents according to the given message. So things like the WiP score counter, ban messages and edits are accounted for so that the server can stay up to date with that,


If I were expecting someone to take it to the level of a complete noscript system then someone could potentially cache it all. Every component and build it themselves.

I'd also like people to maybe prefer using a desktop application for kissu(https://www.electronjs.org/) or mobile app(https://reactnative.dev/).

So the server side rendering is only one piece of my plan here and things can be done through direct HTTP server messages.


wish I was a tech wiz

File:20612d8effbb35e30492668352….png (4.39 MB,2132x3017)


This is a summary of alterations.

- Index monitor script will work with /all/ in the same way it works with other boards
- Ability to post new threads from /all/ after specifying the target board

This will allow you to treat kissu like a single board site while also categorizing your threads into separate boards. This is kind of like the tag system on flash boards applied to conventional threads. As a result so called misstaggings might result in and require the establishment of some basic guidelines for board use that can clarify when a thread will be moved or not.

In the future the current kissu home page will have it's fake overboard functionality removed and act as a "hybrid booru+4chan style homepage" showing popular threads and standard vichan search feature(kissu.moe/search.php) in a booru layout. No quick post sumary but hovering over popular threads will show the last 5 posts, maybe like in "4chanx catalog" or maybe the "current kissu home page reply list". So adjustments to this may be important to you.

If there's anything else you would like to see added to /all/ then go for it.
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to avoid stealing terminology from 4chanx because that would make it seem unauthentic. Though I forget what 4chanX calls it


I don't think it's bad to take from an idea and keep the name as a reference to where your influence came from. Also "Live" kinda conflicts with the already existing "Live" used for liveboards


it is bad because even if I were to want to not seem like it's not copying the idea, the word infinite makes me think of 8ch


I'll leave the naming for later.
in any case, I have the idea for a summary window now on pc and moba. Tablet resolution I don't know if I want to consider it yet...


Infinite scrolling is hardly a term unique to 4chan X.

Yeah, "live" makes me think it's going to be adding posts in real time.

"Continuous scrolling" is an alternate name, although it can be confused with smooth scrolling.

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I tried to change the date format with 4chanX but it only works from the 26th post in the page on onward. Pic is from /all/, also happens on individual board and inside threads. How to fix or otherwise change date format?


probably a weird interaction, it doesn't work at all on my machine


It's a race condition between the time localization and formatting from 4chan X and the native time localization.

File:67b10b5a50844ebbee2c2b3fdb….jpg (422.5 KB,4093x2894)


Kissu's monthly stats are more spread out and lower in part by the April slump
/qa/ 3884
/jp/ 623
/b/ 438
/megu/ 185
/poll/ 70
= 5200
About 1k loss, however viewership of kissu has been at a level highly above average the past few days so this is good news to me, albeit our unique IPs are harder to raise. I've yet to plot this out, might do this.

May the fourth be with you
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True, I need to find something else to do than look at post numbers...


Just do weekly and it's fine. I think that looking at posts per day or hour is something that you do later.
Really I would just rather you made posts people like rather than chase after a number.

Being brash because I think it's a misguided way to make energy. Welcome to prove me wrong.


File:2a37ba039a8519bf7827d83eba….png (99.57 KB,225x371)

Well that's not an issue as I don't chase after numbers, but counting the posts is just something I do on the side.


I'm worried of people misreading the intentions behind it and creating a culture based around speed rather than posts. Kissu can't handle the same level of people as some others without needing to spend more on server costs or optimize software. It's better to think in terms of quality because it cuts costs.


Hm guess you've got a point there. Wouldn't want to encourage that behavior

File:WNF32EKY2RENZJAF7CXD3OKND4.jpg (46.82 KB,600x320)


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