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File:e85bc0ae6f0516241d20caf589….png (390.52 KB,720x900)


In the year 2020, imageboards are the best places to browse for porn when you can't download an ad blocker
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It's not my fault Firefox updates from time to time. That doesn't make what I said a "lie", though.


>one of the worst updates for firefox in a long long while
Are you still using 68 or did you just not update?


I don't update things. I've got automatic updates turned off, so I've got like ~150 updates pending. If the app still works fine, then it doesn't need to be updated.


Honestly I'm just seething because they automatically updated on me and it's complete ass.


If you're on Android, you can always use APKMirror. They host APKs for pretty much all major apps, so you'll usually be able to find a full catalog of versions for any given app to then be able to download and use an older version. I guess you're sol if you're on iOS, though...


File:1471645605277.jpg (20.06 KB,500x499)


did /trans/ fuckign break


don't think so


making threads and posting images is off in it

File:1411712161596.gif (123.72 KB,500x281)


Why did /qa/nons migrate to kissu.moe and 4chan's /qa/ is filled with soyboy wojaks right now? What happened? I've been out of 4chan for a while.
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Some of these recent threads do have me thinking that kissu's gaining posters. Based on how some attitudes seem a bit different towards certain things. Although it may just be that people aren't as prone to criticizing others as vocally when moderation exists to cull any awful posters.


There's definitely some new posters. I usually ignore stuff I don't like because I don't want to generate conflict, I wouldn't say it's about moderation.


File:[Commie] Koi wa Ameagari n….jpg (108.43 KB,1280x720)

You can't be too sure, I'm mostly basing this on how most threads mentioning "certain topics" back on 4/qa/ used to devolve into shitposting/trolling without fail.


I'm curious as to what you could be referring to. Could you give an example?


Discord, any thread that mentioned discord turned into a shitfest, and deservedly so

File:8ff2c426f02afe510f9599476c….png (2.06 MB,2000x2000)


New dev thread soon,

Use this as the interim if things are broke

File:988B3E4A-E836-4B4D-8B0E-E….jpeg (264.61 KB,866x1235)


can we get a food & cooking board since /megu/ is gone?


season boards are the stand-in for these kinds of things at the moment.

File:aeaae95340c359dadbfa20fe26….jpg (121.94 KB,743x1024)


First of all (this should come as no surprise to some of you), #jp, an IRC channel that is hosted on the same IRC server as one of our #qa channels, is filled with what we would consider "undesirable" users who post "undesirable" content. If a high standard of quality is to be kept on this site, "undesirable" users must be kept from posting.
The banner system that has been introduced on kissu.moe allows users an opportunity to advertise locations on the internet to other kissu.moe users. A banner has been created for #jp by a user, and this banner is currently active on kissu.moe.
Regardless of how #jp could influence the quality of kissu.moe, it would be unfortunate for one of our users to enter the mental asylum that is #jp. The users there are beyond redemption and would only insult any naive users of the banner system. Consequently, such a negative experience with the banner system would dissuade further use of it, meaning less clicks on banners that do not lead to #jp.
Now, if a user were to engage in #jp acively, he may return to kissu.moe, spreading the "undesirable" content that may be found there. This lowers the site quality and may be difficult to deal with, as users returning from #jp often flavor their posts ever so slightly, as to make their removal unwarranted.
That is all I have to say on this issue, thank you and have a good day.
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File:239aaf9d9ab81df5632ba9b7b6….jpg (74.81 KB,720x719)

Cute artist, I really like the line weight and bright colors


id rather remove whiners tbh


what was the jp babner


no idea. not up anymore


a gif of cromartie high school I think

File:[crossover][enoshima junko….png (1.52 MB,2571x4639)


Vern why do you endorse people spamming your website?
What the fuck is the response going to be if someone spams CP and no one is online?
(as of right now at 1:37 EST both you are Yotgo are not in IRC and the board is still swamped with soyjak posts)
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if it gets spammed with something illegal then hopefully cloudflare's csam protection kicks in.

I'm uncertain that I can maintain the same site atmosphere if I were to get another person on the staff list. Cool Guy is 100% reliable as a mod, but other people will take oversight.


>if it gets spammed with something illegal then hopefully cloudflare's csam protection kicks in.
It didn't the last time something illegal was spammed (ISIS shit).


If it gets to that point I turn up the captchas until it makes it so that less can be posted before someone deletes.
Having a way for me to be notified of reports would be nice though


>Having a way for me to be notified of reports would be nice though
Does Vern not have it or what?
You got any way of contacting you?


Many of the 4chan archives have public lists of blocked hashes which you could also block. Granted it's easy to get around.


Yeah, a vichan addon that would email reports to a specified address would be nice.

File:18625DC9-0D5A-484C-ADFA-51….png (819.55 KB,835x720)


make jp sfw board
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You can post (2D) nudes and stuff on /jp/, but image dumps should be on /megu/. It can be spoiled or unspoiled unlike /qa/ where you should definitely spoil it


File:noa apple.jpg (44.19 KB,576x1024)

you die if you work


so i can post a amputee rape bdsm hentai on jp as long as it is spoilered?


I don't have an established criteria/rules so it would just be deleted


I guess? I guess it depends on your motivation. If it's a "hey guys look at this thing aren't you mad?" then that seems questionable, but if you're actually sharing something you like then it seems fine enough. If you're sharing hentai stuff though it probably would be best on /megu/, though I wouldn't force you to

File:2afavicon.png (15.52 KB,160x160)


Big list of imageboards easily sortable


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There's no other /qa/, so kissu will probably do fine as long as it fills that niche.


File:2703930_p0.png (57 KB,300x350)

We need a rename to _kissu so it's at the top


It's not sorted by default, so you could just move the entry to the top if you wanted.


File:waterfox_wPl81wnfcq.png (20.13 KB,647x101)

Eh, wouldn't want to start some sort of silly arms race of editing.
Also when did it change to catbutt? (somehow my screenshot hotkey for ShareX is activating super orange mode on f.lux so this pic is orange)


It's been that since the link was posted... At least, if archive.org is to be trusted.

File:1344312280129.jpg (474.91 KB,700x840)


Feeling nice and easy recently

File:39.gif (1.71 MB,500x362)


Would it be a bad idea or a good one to allow for a higher post limit on /jp/. Say for game threads that require posting about hosting


pls increase bump limit for sokuniggers


I don't think it's necessary, it's not like the board is very fast.


Moved to >>>/poll/690.

File:c008d3feabd6539484a744f0bf….jpg (859.06 KB,893x1263)


¥Waiting on the #qa banner
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Well, the only requirements for regular banners are that it be SFW and non-political. It's not really a matter of implementation. It's one of allowing said banners to stay up.


Respect people's rights not to be confronted with sexual imagery when they open up a board.


I mean maybe exclusive banners for boards like /megu/. Not something that'd appear sitewide.


File:c4f2125aff68d0f5b27c5f3682….jpg (27.09 KB,271x361)

I was mostly joking with my post. I just wanted to say saucy.


it's fine, nothing meant by it. Just saying that's where my point of view is coming from.

File:1513486012580.jpg (185.51 KB,600x600)


Was feeling that kissu was a bit slow these past couple days. However when I went to check my /all/ tab I keep open to track post counts it appears that the site is doing just as well as it usually is, only content is becoming more spread across the boards. It begs the question of how this look affects the site as a whole. So with that in mind I want to know what /b/'s opinions are on this matter. Is content being spread out a good or bad thing?

Personally I find it to be a mix of both since it has allowed for a more varied appeal for the site, but having some boards be not as fast may make it feel as though the site isn't as fast.


>>3967 shows that it does impact the impression people get from the site. I can't really say whether sticking to one board is a standard practice, but if someone does so then their experience on kissu is certainly going to be worsened. There's the /all/ message in red, though.
Now, if it has any other effect beyond that, I've no clue.


Wonder if there's a way to get people more to use /all/ on their first visit.


I believe this was one of the concerns raised in the /poll/ thread on the creation of a new board (/jp/) and "splitting /qa/." That splitting /qa/ and/or creating more boards without a rise in the number users would cause a halving of activity between boards precisely because post rates tend to remain steady globally.

At any rate, I'm not really convinced this is a bad thing. Prioritizing post rates over quality is a fool's errand. I'd much rather have a "slower" imageboard than attract people who care of speed only for speed's sake. People who care for actual discussion will stick around regardless.

I think that's looking at the issue backwards. If anything, users should view the respective boards first to understand their atmosphere and topic. Then, if they're longing for activity, they should consider using /all/.

File:Castlevania-2-What-a-Horri….jpg (150.21 KB,433x408)


Sleeping devs...


damn it...


File:Mao Ichimichi.jpg (72.37 KB,620x556)

I've got a bunch of version inconsistencies… I have multiple versions of kissu's software floating around on github, here and my test server so I moved something the didn't work onto kissu when I meant to move the github version.


a /qa/ bug???


are faeries a kind of bug


File:1448569686080.webm (1.15 MB,888x500)

will it give many hugs?

File:10f10fdc943cdb3bd5dfb6a794….jpg (101.05 KB,750x980)


why is 4G/3G so slow?
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tested whilst using hotspot


highest download speed 6.6mb

average : 2-4mb (?)

(?)not tested but an informative guess


these speeds are fine for CoD, more likely you're suffering from high packet loss or jitter


gaming uses very little bandwidth, meaning internet speeds are irrelevant, mobile internet inherently has inconsistent and shitty latency, even a bottom of the barrel adsl connection will be vastly superior latency wise(unless infrastructure is shit where you live)


wireless hotspots give me a nat: type 3 (strict) connection

no matter how fast my download speed is, I will only be able to play 6v6 team deathmatch or 24/7 shoot house/shipment otherwise I'll get severe lag

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