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File:mpv-shot2052.jpg (285.7 KB,1920x1080)


do qanons prepare for the possibility of a more restrictive internet? delete your online presence? have a mini server for all those doujinshi?


download all the good h-material off of ex


File:image.jpeg (112.43 KB,708x1003)

Yes I gots tons of back ups! The government will need to rip my content from me by physical force.


download some of the good material off of ex, plus all the toddler
then make more myself


File:[Doki] Magia Record - Maho….jpg (181.78 KB,1280x720)

Not really, no. I don't have an online presence with any real life information and I'm not some political activist in the first place. The exhentai thing did freak me out and I spent hours downloading, but I never went back to download stuff like I should have.
I need more storage before I can do anything great, really


>delete your online presence?
The few public accounts I have aren't tied to my real name, they don't even use the same email. I don't use social media.

>have a mini server for all those doujinshi?
For that I have a homeserver running lanraragi, I actually struggle to sort the stuff I want to keep from the rest. Other than that I'm still missing some good private tracker accounts for music and anime, I always procrastinate instead of applying for registration.

I only back up my music though, once it's lost it's lost

File:1447206_p0.jpg (231.65 KB,700x410)


I don't know where else to say this, but I saw a couple reports for "3D" on /qa/ and I haven't seen any sign that people are against 3D media things on /qa/ so it's not something I can take action against (or would want to)
/jp/ is the board for strictly 2D stuff, but even then I don't think anyone here wants it to be strictly moderated to maintain that.
Uh... if anyone wants to talk about this you can talk about it here but I don't think this is a major issue
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actually let me clarify a little bit. i dont care about reasonable 3D. id prefer not to see people dumping their favorite idol or JAV star on /qa/. not that ive seen that happen. i dont have nay problem with whats being posted right now

click the top banner


Ah! I'd forgotten about that, thank you.


disruption, moved a thread and it broke /b/


File:1498080728702.jpg (86.45 KB,810x780)

3D things generally don't bother me so long as it's not person-focused and/or unprompted. scenery, or animals, or pictures people have taken is pretty okay by me.

tangentially related, but seeing western content posted outside the context of western stuff to begin with does kind of bother me. like that one spongebob clip or that prison looking image. idk


Oh. I think that's for idols and potentially world events (if people can avoid the kuso whirlpool of politics). I guess this needs to be something to clarify. Also I completely forgot that popup thing exists...
There was an informative COVID thread made on /qa/ last year that was pretty cool, but at least one person voiced the complaint of real life treading into /qa/ and it was a fair one.



say it 5 times quickly and your tongue won't jam


Recent discourse shows there is unease around politics. But there isn't a consensus of what politics are.
Let's say that typically politics is "the activities of the government, members of law-making organizations, or people who try to influence the way a country is governed" and the discussion of this is political discussion. The problem is that this doesn't cover everything that's been referred to as politics. Let's then say, working with the separation of the internet from the real world, that political discussion is the discussion of the current state of events in the real world, how the world should be and the ideas behind both. Things are considered political if they tie or lead into these.
That sounds way too broad and unhealthily rulefaggoty, doesn't it?
Well, it is. Let's put a clause in there: something is considered depoliticized, so not political, if in a community its presence does not lead to political discussion. This can be because it's taken as a joke, because nobody cares enough to spark the fire, because everyone agrees and it's common sense, or some other reason. With that clause, even though everything has a certain worldview, a certain ideology behind it, you can differentiate between conflictive and peaceful content. Calling someone a fag or a nigger, even though it's linked to RL conflict, is not political because it doesn't generate political discussion. If one day it did generate it, then it would be political. Things can likewise stop being political if the reasons for something causing political discussion go away.

But that's still too harsh, isn't it? Maybe. What about realism.
Certain threads invite comments about the state of the real world, whether because it's directly or tangentially related to the state of a medium or because of some other bullshit I can't think of. This can easily derail the thread into politics (or just kill fun without introducing politics), and it ends up being kinda shit. To elude such an end, the thread ought to be approached with a suspension of disbelief, unlike for example the mistake I made in >>>/qa/40946 where following >>/qa/40936 instead could've lead to more fun (the conclusion of the former is a barren earth, the latter's is alternate history scenarios), reign in the realistic 'tism to facilitate enjoyment. One must also be conscious of posting or replying to controversial ideas, else a spiral of butthurt be started. With that in consideration, thingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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thought that was a good post even if it referenced elsewhere


File:waterfox_ODn3hvV3e3.png (66.1 KB,1205x222)

I'm going to do something I don't usually do and reference a post elsewhere. This was made on /ota/.
These are the people that need and deserve a place, not people that feel insulted if they can't shove their politics into every corner of the internet.
I do not feel pity for politics posters and I never will.

That thread already has two posts in it that are trying to turn it into an emotionally-charged argument about groups instead of ideas. People are thankfully disregarding that attempt and the thread is staying on track, which is good.
I don't know what else you want from me as a mod if I'm giving people a chance to behave like adults before they betray that trust for the 30th time and I log in as a mod when I shouldn't need to.
I have to weigh people's desires against each other and I'm taking the side of the nerds that just want to talk about their hobbies and interests and take it easy. The guy in this image deserves a place on the internet to hang out with people who feel the same way. This unfortunately means I have to take a side and remove things that other people enjoy, such as politics and getting angry at things people said on social media.

I wanted to say more so I deleted it and reposted it... NOW!


was thinking on gnfos and why people can stand it even though it's filled with shit and politics and i think i came to an answer

it's because despite, or maybe because of, the overabundance of politics there are posters there that will take the dull reality and elevate it to such heights that it becomes parody almost. not to say that kissu should become more like gnfos of course, but i think that a lesson to take away from it is that humour is a good counter to people trying to drag everyone into the reality


>I don't know what else you want from me as a mod if I'm giving people a chance to behave like adults before they betray that trust for the 30th time and I log in as a mod when I shouldn't need to.
Heheh, yes, that's the tricky part.
Really, I just want to discuss this stuff. If it helps you, great, if it doesn't then feel free to ignore it. You have the right to, and I don't want to be Shii.
I do respect the fact you first try to moderate as a normal user.
GNFOS is a dump first and foremost, so of course politics aren't taken all that seriously. Different environment.


dogma is the cancer

File:Screenshot at 01-33-24.png (649.68 KB,1330x1036)



Why would Google stop you from turning autofill off? They'd get the data either way, wouldn't they?


I don't get it. Why is it funny?


chrome does everything in it's power so that web developers aren't allowed to disable an annoying feature. They've been doing this for 5 years





File:81132103_p1_master1200.jpg (579.5 KB,1024x1024)


Has anyone ever hidden more than 300 posts before on 4chan?

How does 4chanX keep track of when a post no longer needs to be stored for hiding?
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It certainly adds to the complexity of the system, and there have been ugly bugs related to threads having their data pruned when they shouldn't have been.

I expect there are people who would use more than your fixed number of hides, though, simply because people always come up with unexpected uses for features. For example, this user:
>Requesting a way to instantly hide all threads in the catalog. This way when I scroll to the bottom of the catalog and I've already looked at all the threads I can empty it and then when I refresh it only new threads I haven't seen yet appear.


How would you deal with a very long-lived thread that someone hides? For example, a sticky?


I remember thinking it'd be cool if threads with new posts since the last visit could be highlighted or maybe they could have a +3 number for 3 new posts or something? It seems like it'd be annoying to add, though, and a board might need to incorporate it from the beginning


well lets say you make the space infinite, how much space can it conceivably hold before it becomes a nuisance?
Vid somewhat related


If you're using localStorage, at least one mobile browser runs out of space at 2MB, or it did at the time of this guy's tests:

File:1522047563560.jpg (775.53 KB,1500x1061)


kissu's goin at an easy pace~
Feels a bit slow, but for once I'm enjoying it

Take a moment to appreciate the nice rest period upon us before things go back to being super fast again


three people on kissu total


you, Anonymous, and Shii?


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (434.88 KB,1920x1080)

Ebb and flow is normal, especially with a smaller group where individuals have much more influence in speed. Weekends are traditionally the slowest days, too, which is still bizarre to me



File:3bea25beda8d9ec37c1e256755….jpg (290.62 KB,605x901)


I believe thread creation to be one of the greatest deciding factors of how active a (random) board is. Just for example, take a look at kissu when it's most active (aside from meta shittery), it's always on days in which threads are made that keep the board fresh and the people within it engaged in a multitude of varying topics. So many are content with replying to content when it's created, yet by comparison very few are comfortable with creating threads of their own. What does kissu think of this predicament? I'm not saying that people should step up thread creation to the point of making stuff which is just taking a toll on themselves, that seems to backfire, but how do you inspire the masses to raise their voices on that which they want to talk about?


I agree, although there's something to be said about those threads attracting people.
/jp/ currently has 22 threads with two replies, 32 threads with one reply and 31 threads with zero replies. That's a total of 85 OPs and 76 replies, so more than half of /jp/'s threads have an average of less than one reply per thread.
You could certainly point out that they're throwaway funposts that don't need to attract replies, and you'd be right, but the point is that if the thread doesn't have an attractive factor I doubt it'll have an important effect on activity.

Now, how do you get people to make fresh threads, Iunno. When I want to discuss something that doesn't currently have a thread, I make a thread about it and it generally goes well. The odd funpost thread also tends to go well. But it's not an everyday thing.


File:[HorribleSubs] Murenase! S….jpg (179.01 KB,1280x720)

Back in the 4/qa/ days I would routinely get surprised by with threads of mine would become popular whenever I made a bunch at once to do some cleaning. I think kissu activity, if not all imageboard activity, works exponentially and a thread with even one reply is far more likely to receive more than one sitting with zero.
But, there are a lot of /jp/ threads that I don't really have anything to say to at first glance... maybe I should try harder..


Would simply plotting thread creation rate vs post rate give you the answer? Gathering these numbers for 4chan board’s would be easy enough but I don’t know if there are enough “random” boards for a valid data set. Is there maybe another set of data points that would reveal the same trend?




serves you right for using windows

File:phoenix-thinking(a).gif (83.49 KB,256x192)


How about backlinks in /trans/


What do you mean? So it shows the thread it was in or what?


It would be good if links were updated when posts are moved so they continue to point to the right post. In regard to /trans/, evaluating what gets deleted and why is made more difficult by having to manually look up the post numbers a person was replying to.

File:[anon] Healin'♥Good Precur….jpg (444.59 KB,1280x720)


There used to be a time in which I'd use kissu, yet still check 4/qa/ wondering if everyone really had left. I'd see some threads that indicated there was a soul on there I may be able to still connect with who still hadn't made the move away. That time is long gone now and I can't remember the last time I even had the urge to look at the board until today. I've got to say it was a completely foreign sight, akin to how I'd view /bant/ back in the days when 4/qa/ was thriving (/bant/ was better but that matters not). A board that seemed to be "alive" in some technical sense of the word while completely unappealing or devoid of what made it good to begin with. I went into the singular familiar thread, The Happenings Thread, only to see that it was not even a shadow of its former self. Rather it seemed to have transformed into some frankenstein's monster that now resembles more a typical general on that accursed site. I'm not too sure what to conclude this with, as these ramblings are a mere result of my curiosity getting the better of me to check on the place I used to call home. If there was any takeaway I'd say this, that it sure made me glad for this place's existence.
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Went to visit 4/qa/ just to see what it's like now and I'm still rangebanned. Wonder if that will ever go away.


My global rangeban was lifted, but I get speedy ban evasion bans if I ever post on 4/qa/. It's kinda hilarious to see which horrific threads are actively moderated- it makes me think many of them have staff participation


/bant/ was basically just a bigger version of /qa/ fights.


It was, and that was all it was. That's why I never liked /bant/


4chan's issue is that everyone who cares ends up leaving. As soon as a spinoff shows up that offers the same content but with more focused moderation and administration, everyone fucks off there, leaving the original board a shell of its former self.

File:1591745339641.jpg (390.63 KB,1280x720)






File:[HorribleSubs] Rikei ga Ko….jpg (509.04 KB,1280x720)







File:1550383301486.png (39.1 KB,396x253)

wish I had a supercool botnet cannon to blast uppity bitches with


Does LOIC still work? I wonder...

File:overrated.png (9 MB,4077x2894)


Come to https://onee.ch/cyb/
We welcome everywhere


do not clicke!!!!

they dox posters on oneech!!!

File:hmmm.jpg (61.25 KB,1280x720)


Want to create banners but the ideas won't come to my head...
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did you try it yet


File:1591773456161.jpg (33.48 KB,300x140)

how's this look. was considering how visible it should be while at the same time still appearing as a reflection


Sorry I completely forgot... yeah this is looking pretty good. I'm kind of wondering what kind of sign she'd be looking at that said kissu. Should it neon? What kind of font? etc etc


Oh, that's a neat idea. I'd been thinking of it being in the clouds this whole time, but a sign makes sense. Would make for it to be easier to see as well, especially if it were neon or similar.


I like the newest banner

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