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File:Castlevania-2-What-a-Horri….jpg (150.21 KB,433x408)


Sleeping devs...


damn it...


File:Mao Ichimichi.jpg (72.37 KB,620x556)

I've got a bunch of version inconsistencies… I have multiple versions of kissu's software floating around on github, here and my test server so I moved something the didn't work onto kissu when I meant to move the github version.


a /qa/ bug???


are faeries a kind of bug


File:1448569686080.webm (1.15 MB,888x500)

will it give many hugs?

File:10f10fdc943cdb3bd5dfb6a794….jpg (101.05 KB,750x980)


why is 4G/3G so slow?
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tested whilst using hotspot


highest download speed 6.6mb

average : 2-4mb (?)

(?)not tested but an informative guess


these speeds are fine for CoD, more likely you're suffering from high packet loss or jitter


gaming uses very little bandwidth, meaning internet speeds are irrelevant, mobile internet inherently has inconsistent and shitty latency, even a bottom of the barrel adsl connection will be vastly superior latency wise(unless infrastructure is shit where you live)


wireless hotspots give me a nat: type 3 (strict) connection

no matter how fast my download speed is, I will only be able to play 6v6 team deathmatch or 24/7 shoot house/shipment otherwise I'll get severe lag

File:2020.03.13-20.19.webm (2.86 MB,592x492)




is this one of those new pokemon?


pokemonster hunter world




What's the meaning behind going smaller and smaller?


spyware botnet hardware


Will his programming gain mainstream recognition post-mortem now that he's not able to say so many outlandish things?
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Dang, after growing a beard he went from looking like he's 15 to about 20.
Oh, and too bad Terry going to be the butt of a joke of more mainstream memers now, huh


oh, that's linus


Can't be worse than /pol/tards weaponizing and appropriating him, though...


>created his own programming language
>created his own Operating system
>created his own file format
Why wouldn't the CIA be after him? He was too mush of a genius for his time. Bet he's done some other top secrect stuff too.


I hope so and I hope the glow in the darks fuck off.

File:5038994b1c5c4a4b5482ac9371….png (186.79 KB,396x640)


Thoughts on the increase of lewdposting in /jp/?
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File:1577172082718.jpg (61.78 KB,499x482)

this one specific individual makes me want to support gays at full force


maybe if it was possible to hide posts within threads and hide threads from catalog gays wouldnt be that much of a problem


support gay people


die queer


Gotta admit, I wasn't on the gay train at first but that guy inspired me

File:[HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Ki….jpg (68.06 KB,1280x720)


When's the /qa/ review?

File:7ab64f5431ff98d28bf30c76a5….jpg (136.56 KB,1114x1200)


This board seems really comfy. Is it dead or are there people actively using it?
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This. It also gets some minor activity thanks to people advertising their imageboard and stuff, and of course there's the activity in the development threads.

Anyways, I think it's pretty silly to use the term "board," as a stand-in for "community." Kissu has an overboard, which the majority of users seem to use, meaning there's no functional difference in userbase, just who posts threads where.


Wait, do you mean /b/ or kissu itself? Kissu averages around 120ish posts a day, /b/ is quite a bit slower as it's not terribly busy due to its focus on site development and stuff


it might be a bit confusing because people expect a /b/ to be the main board on the site


dead website

1 active poster (but hes a faggot)
theres no alternative to 4chan

if permabanned from there its time to rope


File:1395579145090.gif (2.76 MB,238x320)

There's a dozen active posters actually, but you are right in that we are all massive homosexuals.

File:Screenshot_2020-07-15 Mike….png (26.53 KB,748x335)


wow i can't believe it… i'm actually going to make double money for free!!!!


File:1508849206781.jpg (45.11 KB,640x360)

Wow, I just tried it and it worked. Thanks, Mike!


I wonder who would own bitcoin but also fall for this.



Just read up on Kreb's report of this; the dudes who did this were smart enough to social engineer and SIM swamp famous accounts, but not bright enough to think of a way to make more than 100k with literal godmode on Twitter.
It's sort of laughable.
Also the kids that did this use shit like Discord and Instagram even and they had poor opsec; they are fucked.


these chinese scammers are getting craftier

File:141218c8a3eb436c158daad5fe….jpg (55.63 KB,600x638)


The boards have been completely dead recently during early morning. Can't figure out if this is for the worse since dead hours don't look good, or for the better if everyone is awake around the same time.
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It's like a /g/-/q/


Yeah but /gq/ don't sound right.


Early morning has always had only a handful of posts. A lot of days I've woken up to find about three posts made throughout the past five hours or so. No idea what's behind it, but I don't consider it to be terrible.
General questions.


File:34801899_p0.gif (222.64 KB,1280x1024)

Well, people do need sleep..
To me, a non-4chan imageboard is dead when it doesn't get a new post for weeks, not hours or minutes.


Oh I didn't mean for it to sound like I was calling the site dead in general. I meant during those specific hours activity is dead. Which I'm not sure if it's a problem or not.

File:English_cover_volume_6.png (3.36 MB,1733x2600)


Today, from approximately 21:12 to 21:39 UTC, a configuration error in our backbone network caused an outage for Internet properties that use Cloudflare. During this period we saw traffic drop by about 50% across our network. Because of the architecture of our backbone this outage didn’t affect the entire Cloudflare network and was localized only to certain geographies.

This service disruption was not the result of an attack. It was caused by a network configuration error which caused traffic across our backbone to be sent to a single router on our global network. This quickly overwhelmed that router and caused Cloudflare network locations connected to the backbone to fail. Other locations not connected to the backbone continued to operate normally.

We have posted an initial summary of this incident on the Cloudflare blog. We’ve already made a change to the backbone configuration to make sure that this cannot happen again.

We’re deeply sorry about how this disruption may have impacted your services. Our business is based on trust and transparency and we are committed to your success.

~The Cloudflare Team


fuck cloudflare

File:1482153106387.jpg (37.09 KB,1280x720)


Cloudflare outages sure are disruptive...
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File:[ANE] Maria Holic - Ep02 [….jpg (326.47 KB,1920x1080)

They won't get away with this...


happened to a lot of sites, like nhentai


File:1594934605999.png (2.05 MB,1283x1797)

It forced me to get back to (not)work!



File:1445284132902.gif (523.9 KB,500x620)

didn't happen to ex


Nhentai is pretty good for a quick fap, sad panda is for wanting high-quality scans of it.

File:1494098264084.jpg (298.45 KB,1028x575)


What are your thoughts on spam? I know that people wouldn't appreciate the boards here being spammed of course, and there'd be no good reason to do so. However, I can't say that I didn't somewhat enjoy the spam waves back on 4/qa/ from time to time which always carried a unique theme.
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File:f2b669c91b058bb8eba9957ea8….jpg (24.23 KB,327x175)

>will be dead next week
I thought this was real until I got to this part. Don't do that to me.


File:1496596416895.jpg (502.91 KB,800x720)

Were you really excited for it up to that point?


File:Screenshot_20200712-110655….jpg (525.9 KB,2069x1018)

Your wish is a spammer's command, it seems:
>>>/qa/45445 >>>/qa/45444 >>>/qa/45443 >>>/qa/45442 >>>/qa/45441 >>>/qa/45440 >>>/qa/45439 >>>/qa/45438 >>>/qa/45437 >>>/qa/45436 >>>/qa/45435 >>>/qa/45434


Hmm. Interesting bug. The cross-board links got turned to plaintext every other one.


sometimes everyone on /qa/ having the same sleep cycle is problematic...


Verm's actions once again are a good demonstration that keeping things apolitical means little when your overton window is set in the current.


how does an overton window in the current effect anything in a negative way


Thanks Aris


nice fix


don't bend too far or you might jam


my vita cable is really bad and I had to fix it, but I just used a lot of pressure and taped it up and it works. I think anyone that played NES/SNES/Genesis-era consoles is used to this crap


do these instructions also work for lose outlet sockets?

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