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File:1604624109088.jpg (76.07 KB,445x500)


I feel kissu is being overbearing against spoilers.
We have spoiler tags and they should definitely be used to hide deaths, twists and things relevant to the plot, but hiding anything else is overdoing it. Posting screenshots and commenting on them has been a regular thing for years. It's fundamentally impossible to know if everyone else has watched this or that, it's not something that should be used as the standard for whether it's permitted to post.
Take >>>/jp/7948 as an example. Steins;Gate came out a decade ago. That's more than plenty of time to watch or read it, I don't think people should have to wonder if it's correct to put spoilers on something that came out that long ago. And nobody likes a thread full of black boxes, that's why /cry/ was made.

It should only be imperative to spoiler plot-relevant images and statements, which unambiguously describe an important development, from things that are known will be watched soon (airing shows or something that will be streamed). And of course serious spoilers in general shouldn't be posted all willy-nilly, but suggesting an embargo on posting any screenshot or derailing an innocuous thread into whining is unwarranted. That just means less activity, less fun.
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File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (Spoiler Image,392.11 KB,1920x1080)

I understand how it can seem overbearing at times, but I also don't see any issue with refraining from posting anything particularly intriguing about an episode or show before others have had a chance to watch it.
I don't know what to do with situations like the Steins;gate one, which is why it became a black box mess. Someone called out that people should be using spoilers, so I took action. You can say Steins;gate is a major otaku culture thing and everyone should know it, but how am I or users to know which material has been grandfathered in? Is someone going to assemble a list?
I refrained from posting pictures like this Mewkledreamy one because while it's not story related at all, seeing the characters this way for the first time is pretty amazing and should be experienced "live" instead of as an imageboard reply. I'll post them normally in a week or so


For what it's worth. I think that the only part of the discussion the one reply was telling the madoka poster to spoil was what I pointed out in >>4924. Nothing else really warranted black boxes.


If it's about a series I haven't checked out very far yet, I just don't read the thread unless it's just some basic comments.


Telling someone to kill themselves over pasta is a lot more antagonistic than pasta with correctly tagged spoilers, more so given those spoilers are normally never tagged.
I agree, it was signposted.
I thought about bringing up that you can hide a thread or close the tab and go watch the show in question, but it would've become more of a rant at that point.
It's one thing to hold back for a few days on posting something spoilery like that cap, which shows something notable, but the pic in >>>/qa/57258 is not spoilery and it doesn't rob anyone of the experience of watching it. It's also a completely different thing to publicly complain about spoilers of a decade-old work and having a moderator swoop in to correct it. That generates disruptive, boring posts. Being new or never having bothered to watch it should not give one the right to call for moderation of others, especially when any sort of in-depth discussion necessitates spoilers.
This is on top of having to consider the usage of and reading spoiler tags being a bit of a bother.


There isn't really any objective criteria to determine what is and isn't okay to spoil, because it's impossible to set a cutoff date or compile a "watch all of these before posting" list etc. What I do, and would generally expect from other users as common courtesy, is: use spoiler tags for major reveals and plot twists, no matter how old or popular, and for plot developments in currently airing series.

At the same time I don't think people should be required to be mindful of spoilers of all kinds, at all times. If there's something you're really looking forward to and want to experience with zero previous knowledge but haven't been able to get to it yet for whatever reason, it's also your own responsibility to take anti-spoiler measures. You can hide threads with a single click, and it's easy to set up word filters.

Btw, I wouldn't post it myself because I find it to be in poor taste, but I would assume everyone has already seen that Clannad pasta since it's been around forever.

File:4793c3e682.png (99.68 KB,446x740)


how do I better indicate that you need to press on the RSS button to get recent posts?


It could be labeled or shown below the stats by default.


File:Screenshot 2020-11-07 1836….png (48.22 KB,168x159)



neat idea


neet idea

File:[RESubs] Higurashi no Naku….jpg (166.59 KB,1920x1080)


/cry/ now shows up on /all/! But you need to click the thingie to opt in for it. Yay!


File:[CMS] Higurashi no Naku Ko….jpg (132.49 KB,1280x720)

Time to really bring the 07 spirit

File:otx6bt-1.jpg (283.5 KB,1000x693)


What would happen if you plugged a USB port into a USB port?


something, maybe
or perhaps nothing


Forbidden love...


File:male_cord.jpg (15.4 KB,668x423)

what if I plug both?


infinite energy


That's what happens when you plug a power strip into itself.

File:139418fee45483539a33cf5cc4….png (249.62 KB,1000x1228)


Anyone know what the name of that website that let you pretend to be a 4chan moderator was?

You'd be given a thread/post from reddit, 4chan or whatever and you'd have to evaluate if it's spam or not spam? I need a bit of starter data to train a Naive Bayes spam classification algorithm, though in the end it might be best to just let it self train through real interaction between mods and the users/bots on kissu...


I remember seeing it on the internet


File:1601177272538.webm (81.63 KB,300x300)

Now this is the lead we were looking for. Time to train it Vermin


bumping since i'd like to know what the site name is


a modern day Bonzi Buddy


;_; fuck normal people


I'm not clicking a video with a W*jack in the thumbnail, especially the sheeple version.

File:1513882001657.png (185.31 KB,714x700)


What happened to the megu board?


i didn't want it


The Canadian Security Intelligence Service took it down, it was illegal.

File:bcb5a4f2fd4e9f6e91947adf17….jpg (1.1 MB,1000x1267)


test the rest to be the best


File:e8fbfd7b20c6160859f1d50da9….jpg (499.98 KB,1348x1920)


File:microchan_greeting.png (47.43 KB,386x370)


Hello. Please come check out my new, comfy imageboard. Thank you :)


I like to collect imageboard advertisements on /b/



File:kusabax1.JPG (24.6 KB,1091x204)


how do i fix this error? kusabax btw

if ($cf['KU_APC']) {
apc_define_constants('config', $cf);
while (list($key, $value) = each($cf)) {
define($key, $value);



tech support >>>/b/


Install PHP5
Uninstall PHP 7.X


I can't believe kusaba is still being used by anyone.


By not using kusoba. It was considered bad back when people still used it. There's tons of much better alternatives available today.


I could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that 7chan still runs on a very heavily modified version of KusabaX.

File:f31.gif (875.45 KB,500x348)


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File:Spin Drive.png (2.07 KB,144x95)




Isn't that just an HDD why are they trying to confuse people trying to buy an SSD...




Speedy SATA Dongle


File:image.gif (1.57 MB,420x544)

This is a good reminder on why I stopped following tech developments in 2012 it's just so absurd and overly complex now.


File:A12K_131993201339099867VDw….jpg (110.06 KB,1280x960)

SSD without cable is best!

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (354.01 KB,1920x1080)


I've been wondering lately if maybe the 4/qa/ subtitle 4chan X thingie has outlived its usefulness to us. It's been over a year now and I think all valuable people have been successfully extracted. It could perhaps be replaced with something like "Unhappy with the state of your 4chan board? Try these alternative boards: ___" and then it links that one imageboard list thingie someone made a couple months ago. (I can't remember that link).
We (especially me) have been a bit lazy lately in spreading word of Kissu as well so maybe we can talk about ways to do that, if we so desire. Its current growth seems pretty steady and people are assimilating fine, so I don't think anything major is needed, but others may disagree.
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>is ccd0 around?
I'm around.


Ight, cool.


>How could Kissu be promoted?
Yeah, that's the question. It's hard to do it in a way that's not obnoxious. Maybe we could try IRC since those people tend to be better than the average imageboard user and an imageboard isn't directly competing with an IRC channel. (I got this idea because someone just advertised in #qa)


find places that need or could use an imageboard


I found this place randomly by checking out links from a list of imageboards. Maybe posting a similar list somewhere if an occasion arrives where it would make sense to would work.

File:2fc2f02b8291902f00bd7a701e….gif (270.47 KB,200x200)



is back on the net!
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why isn't /b/ the postmodern furniture enjoyment society?


It looks like a sad zombie of the original.
At least admin finally cleaned up the spambot though.
Isn't the Russian iichan still alive though?


to be fair, a lot of the boards that were part of iichan were only there after it merged with shanachan and they all shared 1 overboard


The russian iichan is a pretentious overmoderated circlejerk that shares nothing with its western counterpart outside its name.


File:b2bKVMW3rn.png (20.46 KB,564x256)

What did they mean by this?

File:40EEE899-EC0C-484E-BBA2-C….jpeg (128.15 KB,1024x1024)


whats your problem just permaban me already
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Ultimately it's just another form of procrastination.


procrastination, that's it


He can procrastinate his life away waiting for his bans to expire, in a way it's a worse fate than being permabanned.


guy can just say he's under the age of 18 and he'd get banned.


You're expecting too much thought from the mind of a teen

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