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File:43542554.png (38.75 KB,742x726)


i'm only go to warn you once to turn your crypto miners off

(actually outdated jquery libraries, resolved now https://imgur.com/lHpAOwv)'''
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File:vCIVg2z.png (62.1 KB,1307x715)

The banners program loads after the rest of the page slowing down performance or that it's not designed very well for the visually impaired. Things like that. I'll get around to resolving these since it helps in getting activity from search engines

The numbers are mostly irrelevant but the security part is good to look at


meanwhile ota hits 100 in perf


File:vodka.jpg (102.17 KB,407x400)

The numbers don't even matter. Having a good SEO value on a discussion platform is double edge sword


If that were true it'd drive up memory usage like hima does...


File:C31AF1E8-C283-4AE2-9D10-7….jpeg (53.87 KB,580x711)




File:1492275621377.png (1.42 MB,900x1200)


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File:waterfox_cjNWioV6fS.png (104.78 KB,657x584)

I forgot that I had an image to go with the "Top right icon/symbol in this quick reply box is missing for me" comment.


It's some sort of server error. It shows up for me sometimes, but at other times it's gone. It wasn't doing that before so I assume it's something in the nginx rules that I forgot to set




File:1567550669432.png (1.42 MB,900x1200)

im copycat


File:smoll.gif (Spoiler Image,809 B,2x2)

File:2BD81656-C0BF-4C60-8551-E….jpeg (99.62 KB,500x500)


complaint: I hid a thread on index and it appeared in catalogue still >:/
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File:C2637022-D5E5-42CC-85AE-A….jpeg (157.48 KB,957x957)

could not hide this post from within thread

how do u expect people to post here if they cant hide trash posts and not see trash threads in catalogue view


This is why UI-2.0 exists


is this a thirdparty script that i'll need to install in a thirdparty inbrowser scriptrunner in order to see?


no. it's full replacement, but still bering finalized. There's a trigger for it in the top bar(fr)


File:c7a1cacfac.png (294.66 KB,1920x965)


File:yande.re 426598 sample hib….jpg (548.4 KB,1019x1500)


broke the site again



File:kissu.png (2.91 MB,1415x2000)

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If there needs to be discussion on locked content please do so either here or elsewhere on this board
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*bans you*




based on what


based on real japanese history


File:based on gay manga.jpg (21.42 KB,322x181)


why hasnt kissumin implemented browser fingerprinting if he actually enjoys to keep track of highroller important posters like he claims
unless... he has!

even with common 'anti-fingerpritnting' measures that modern browsers use, it's still trivial to identify posters down to the single person even amoung millions of posters and with kissus small population it would be so easy to catalog every single poster
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i have an intuition that this software would make your posts more distinctive because it would sound 'strange', and how modern stylometery is much more advanced than 'what word he used'
but if multiple people used it, then it would actually disguise you all as eachother

which is why kisumin should include an innovative feature that just automatically applies this feature to everyones posts and makes them all sound like shit
it would be even funnier if it reran with a different seed every time the page refreshed so each thread would look totally different to each reader


but even then content and semantic analysis would still catch you...
there is simply no escape
if you're communicating over the internet you obviously have something unique about it. otherwise you wouldn't bother posting

probably a mathematically impossible to escape from identification as long as people are making novel posts.


I'm not adding this.... It would create too many inconsistencies.


Obviously not. It was just a jab.


You talk about forensics as if it's a creepy technology thing, when really people have been able to do this sort of thing for over a century.


Because people need to get it out of their system
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stop freaking out on image boards like an old crazy man in a library


Get on irc so you can tell that to me in private you cunt.


Im on IRC right now, come and fight me right now
ill fist fight you on IRC bitch!


Anyone that tells you to "lol just play video games to calm down" should have their teeth kicked in and nuts removed.
Fuck you.


Hate twitter and anyone that uses it fuck you

File:761D6C06-94D2-422A-8CB7-26….png (Spoiler Image,3.12 MB,1320x2000)


i hid a thread from index but it still appears in catalog. Is this an intended feature? cookies are enabled btw
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vichan's catalog might as well be piece of cardboard with pictures stuck onto it. It can't do anything.




File:97c5b779b519d630673e48dbf8….jpg (688.06 KB,875x1238)

how long until this problem gets resolved?

pissmin is too fast to be browsing from index


It works if you hide it with 4chan X.
On another note, I've noticed the NSFW thumbnail appears in the catalog as a regular spoiler thumbnail.


File:14cd29224e8aeb16e8cddf9c80….png (1.38 MB,1500x1943)

i browse just fine from the index, dont think it's too fast at all

File:5bc943764c16bae71d17e4eb91….jpg (116.91 KB,1559x1559)


For some reason my posts throughout multiple vichan boards are auto-nokoing, even if the options field doesn't exist. What could possibly be causing this?
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It was me, and I'd do it again!


I've made some changes to try and resolve this, along with an issue of posts not showing in the index. Waiting to see if it reappears for people, otherwise I'll assume it to be fixed.


did some more tuning. The new post server which handles the new API and some other tasks needs to be examined for non-terminating things because it's perfomance degrades over time


Looks like I found the source of the performance problems. Was looping between the functions to send posts to archive, delete post from catalog, and then restore post from archive, leading to an increasing number of threads in the catalog which it repeated the steps on.

False autonoko is a bug I fixed yesterday.

An issue with threads not rebuilding sometimes seems to be an issue with deleting posts with cites in them not resetting to the correct board. This meant that sometimes a new thread on /jp/ would cause the index of /test/ to be built instead of /jp/


Nice, glad that it sounds like all the issues were mostly just one big problem.

File:waterfox_cHJnM1tNFa.png (259.4 KB,586x539)


Is the /xmas/ custom CSS working for you? It should look like pic related.
Does it work if you open a private window?
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Trailing slash added to vichan. When Kissu-UI is updated it'll have it as well.


how do I disable the confetti thing that makes my toaster go crazy without disabling js altogether?


gonna be gone in a second. Next time I activate it I think it should have some optimization settings in the options menu.


nice, thx. always have problems displaying animations with vivaldi, forgot to check in another browser but it's probably this



File:[MiG_MuX] Pripara NCED - 1….png (2.58 MB,1920x1080)


Let's start a club to help teach our dear vermin how to hold a successful discussion without resorting to fallacies and other terriblenesses out the ass. I think it will be a good learning experience for all!


File:1580969594915.png (304.28 KB,776x720)

All your arguments are invalid, god speaks to my mind


File:vodka.jpg (102.17 KB,407x400)

Correction: I am god


that's a devil lying to you
you are being tricked by lucifer that you have divinity reserved only for God

source: I received a vision from one of God's angels

File:85888011_p0.png (1.69 MB,1080x1080)


To preface, I think that /qa/ has been wonderful so far. It’s provided a place for people that want to get away from the crappiness of the modern internet and has proven to be a nice haven for those rangebanned off of 4/qa/. There’s nothing more I could ask of the admins in regards to how things have been handled so far.

My concerns today stem from /jp/, the secondary board made to be /qa/’s dumping grounds of sorts. Its purpose has always been murky and shrouded in a veil of vagueness, but I believe today that there is a path for kissu to clear this vagueness and give the board a clear purpose alongside being a side for less important funposts. My proposal is that the moderation of the board become more hands off from the staff, and more hands on for the posters. This of course, excludes crap that doesn’t belong on a 2D/Random board in the first place such as 3D, cancerman/frogs, and politics discussion.

The for this reason being that while /qa/ has appealed to the section of 4/qa/ that liked to take it easy and talk to each other about meta, otaku culture, and the like, there was also another portion of 4/qa/ that has been largely ignored by kissu from the getgo. These posters being those who were interested in /qa/’s unique clash of cultures which lead to the creation something wholly unique and fun. That 4/qa/ from 2017 has been mostly lost to history, and while some may think that the current “board wars” going on are representative of it, I think it to be a wholly different concept. The clashing cultures of 2017 were more closely related to each other, and weren’t really vying for presence on the board, but rather the clashes were due to the differing philosophies and values of those posting. Leading to passionate arguments, lighthearted shit/funposting at each other, fun trolling of each other, and a lot of positive inter-board interaction. For the most part this doesn’t exist on kissu in its current state, mostly that’s due to staff moderation standards. While not being the exact same, they’re a bit too similarly strict on both boards towards those that clash with the current culture, thereby making the possibility for this to occur once again extremely, if not entirely, unlikely.

That is why I believe the moderation on /jp/ should be even more lax than it currently is. If the possibility is there, then I believe kissu also has the capability to pull it off. I think there’s a fair amount of people who may have been intPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I still think it is regardless of whatever you meant by that. If you can have a good community without any mod intervention it means your community is very dedicated and cooperative.


>It was what made the board good.
Again, not in and of itself. It's like praising the drive shaft of a car and not the engine. The drive shaft actually allows the car to move, sure, but without an engine, all you've got is a husk. To my point, 4/qa/ still has plenty of self-moderation, regardless of whether it offends you to consider it such. The wojak-spammers are extremely militant and defend their posting while likewise maligning others who dare to criticize them, while also pushing threads off the board to make more space for themselves. But, here's the thing: they have no real community. To be frank, their "community" is shit, and no amount of their style of self-moderation is going to or will ever change that fact.

>If you can have a good community without any mod intervention
Nothing about self-moderation implies a good community as you've been presupposing is my point.


It's just mindless organized spam from a discord in their case. They're nowhere near as dedicated and caring as the 2d/random posters were. Not comparable.


But I think it's funny that the same thing happened to them. They were kicked out of there by the manager as well made their own spinoff as a result.


I think bad posts and threads should be deleted on sight, because allowing them sets the precedent that they're acceptable. Most of the imageboards that gradually go to shit are the ones that lean too heavily on user moderation, which doesn't work in the long run.

File:1597444665699.png (339.83 KB,539x635)


the new homepage looks nice and all but can you please change it back



and I actually kinda like it, though it could do with a couple improvements maybe

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