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File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (354.01 KB,1920x1080)


I've been wondering lately if maybe the 4/qa/ subtitle 4chan X thingie has outlived its usefulness to us. It's been over a year now and I think all valuable people have been successfully extracted. It could perhaps be replaced with something like "Unhappy with the state of your 4chan board? Try these alternative boards: ___" and then it links that one imageboard list thingie someone made a couple months ago. (I can't remember that link).
We (especially me) have been a bit lazy lately in spreading word of Kissu as well so maybe we can talk about ways to do that, if we so desire. Its current growth seems pretty steady and people are assimilating fine, so I don't think anything major is needed, but others may disagree.
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>is ccd0 around?
I'm around.


Ight, cool.


>How could Kissu be promoted?
Yeah, that's the question. It's hard to do it in a way that's not obnoxious. Maybe we could try IRC since those people tend to be better than the average imageboard user and an imageboard isn't directly competing with an IRC channel. (I got this idea because someone just advertised in #qa)


find places that need or could use an imageboard


I found this place randomly by checking out links from a list of imageboards. Maybe posting a similar list somewhere if an occasion arrives where it would make sense to would work.

File:2fc2f02b8291902f00bd7a701e….gif (270.47 KB,200x200)



is back on the net!
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why isn't /b/ the postmodern furniture enjoyment society?


It looks like a sad zombie of the original.
At least admin finally cleaned up the spambot though.
Isn't the Russian iichan still alive though?


to be fair, a lot of the boards that were part of iichan were only there after it merged with shanachan and they all shared 1 overboard


The russian iichan is a pretentious overmoderated circlejerk that shares nothing with its western counterpart outside its name.


File:b2bKVMW3rn.png (20.46 KB,564x256)

What did they mean by this?

File:40EEE899-EC0C-484E-BBA2-C….jpeg (128.15 KB,1024x1024)


whats your problem just permaban me already
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Ultimately it's just another form of procrastination.


procrastination, that's it


He can procrastinate his life away waiting for his bans to expire, in a way it's a worse fate than being permabanned.


guy can just say he's under the age of 18 and he'd get banned.


You're expecting too much thought from the mind of a teen

File:399bc798bc65e274bf39efd14d….jpg (1.43 MB,1447x2039)


I didn't want the mod to delete the entire thread, but I guess I won't restore it unless there's a reason.

File:66325496_p0.jpg (1.16 MB,1500x1999)


can u make a 90s-00s board theres no other chan no other site no other place in the werld for this specific contente


What's stopping you from posting about Gundam on /qa/?


It's not like threads are killed off in days here, why is it needed?


becuz wouldnt id be coole if we had a boarde fill'd with 90's anine grils n images id woulde be liek no other place in the werld


texhnolyze isn't 90s...


test test

File:lorrie_faith_cranor_what_s….jpg (317.58 KB,1280x720)


Interesting talk on password security/usability research.
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I sometimes use youtube links as the password. How safe are they?


safe i think. Theres a numberphile on how YouTube will never run out of links, but if you let someone know that you do this then it's easier because they can just assume your pass is 8 characters long and not have to waste time brute forcing all 0-7 base64 characters


3.78 Youtube videos according to that search, so 3.78 billion tries.


And could be substantially less of a search space if it's a popular video or one that the attacker knows the user likes.


test test

File:450D946C-AE47-49A4-9548-E7….png (2.21 MB,494x740)


when are we getting a fall board?


File:Annotation 2020-08-12 1124….png (75.76 KB,764x461)

When it officially becomes the next season like always? But, since you asked nicely: September 22.




Why bump? It'll get added when it's fall


Answer still in the first reply...


File:1541787220566.jpg (107.51 KB,921x894)


File:1600746959683.jpg (329.27 KB,2000x2667)


Kissu donors should have gotten by now(via email) a 7 word code that allows them to bypass captchas and rangebans.

These codes should be placed into the [Hidden Options] Whitelist Token field.
Using these codes labels you only through the mod UI. You're otherwise completely anonymous.
If there's any questions or a donor doesn't get their code then they can say so here or via message to my email.


I don't know how to say this without sounding shady, but what if someone shared his token?


I'd manually notice. Then decide if it's worth revoking or not

File:22aa648aac7dea988f7776d884….jpg (671.02 KB,2362x3496)

 No.4243[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Last issue established problems with Kissu's software and the need to expand into custom written user interfaces, moderation tools and customization of existing aspects.

As of this point kissu's experimental UI is in a beta state(all functionality planned out for the current revision, usable, but buggy and unstable).
The experimental UI's purpose is to bring a 4chanX like environment into kissu providing it with dynamic content that reacts to the user's needs and offers a more responsiveness to the board changes(notifications on site content and your own). A list of features will be set below in the next post.
What we have now is a server with read only permissions on the vichan database to create it's own API pages for the React front-end+server.
While it handles poorly on 800 post threads, this is likely due to poor optimization that I'll fix in the coming weeks. That being said, there is a huge improvement to viewing experience in music threads such as https://beta.kissu.moe/qa/thread/47339#qa-47339

Kissu was also targeted for the first time by script spammers with preexisting knowledge on the workings of Vichan, even going so far as to script spam my banner program with account generation. Though we managed not to cause any interruptions to people's activities on Kissu it required a lot of energy from the staff and required me to get a moderator in addition to Cool. This giving us 22 hour surveillance over the actions happening on the site.
I also felt that time was up for /megu/ which I was uncomfortable about. The new board /ec/ offers a more arguably cultured/artistic board devoted to cute and sexy image sharing.
In the future we will need more moderation tools and I think that the following 3 will put kissu into a state where it's in full control of it's own agenda.

The current three tools that I feel will help kissu and not be too hard to implement are:
- Perceptual hashing: http://blockhash.io/
This will target people's avatars and repetitive image spam. Cloudflare already provides this for child sexual abuse material(and even forwards offending IPs), but for our own purposes this is needed to put more stress on Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File:Ver.jpg (1 MB,2067x2067)

Going to make a new thread soon.

The current issues/topics that decide the fate of kissu will be:
- Kissu-Fr style complaints and bugs
- Vichan/Posting issues
- I need to find a way to make a living without responding to random people's offers to put ads on this site or buy it.

Pushing issues of "kissu is too fast/slow" or "kissu is a more sterile 4qa" or "kissu needs to keep more people out" aside because mods/admins are supposed to I need to deal with my personal bigger picture . Big picture is if the new UI is working, the legacy components are functioning and am I able to continue devoting myself to kissu.


Why can't I add a title to my post?
Why did you remove a feature?
Why add the long reply form if it's the exact same as the quick reply and offers no other features?
Are you fucking stupid?
Why don't the quick reply and long reply forms sync as before?
Why did you remove a feature?
Why add the long reply form if it's the exact same as the quick reply and offers no other features?
Are you fucking stupid?
What's wrong with you?
What's your problem?
Why do you insist on doing things half-right?
Answer me.


Titles in threads has been removed since before UI was added.
Syncing won't exist unless I go into development again.

I don't think the lack of either warrants this kind of response.


oh boy...

File:54183155_p0.png (588.14 KB,850x1200)



File:__bugs_bunny_futaba_channe….jpg (118.25 KB,689x588)


wait i thought verniy was a mod
i'm confused
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File:586f888094287ca350419a5ed9….png (16.03 KB,300x300)

He is, but imagine for a second that he wasn't. Now with that image in your mind tell yourself it's the real thing and now verniy isn't a mod.


File:1534562710087.png (368.63 KB,677x662)

wait i thought i replied to the mascot thread
this is probably better


I moved it into it's own thread on /b/


woah even the site is gay


Gay Dad!?

File:1599680017788.png (17.44 KB,753x401)


I thought I should let you know your login page could use a security update. I don't feel like spending the day or so of time brute forcing my way in, but someone else might.
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wtf happened to the thumbnail


The following steps add a max post counter to thwart low effort brute force attacks on passwords.
It has an anti-lockout mechanism by remembering a mod's login IP so you shouldn't get locked out of your account in many common scenarios.
Unless a cracker is on an IP you've used before this will prevent them from using proxy farms to bruteforce.

1) create modlogins table(this will be entered into on an unsuccessful password attempt):
CREATE TABLE modlogins(name VARCHAR(255), ip VARCHAR(255)NOT NULL, attempt_unix INTEGER(11), success INTEGER(1));

(backup before replacing)
2) Replace mod_login in inc/mod/pages.php
3) Replace login in inc/mod/authphp

4) in config.php add:
$config["max_login_attempts_refresh_time"] = 60 * 60; // 1 hour
$config["max_login_attempts"] = 10;
$config["error"]["max_logins_reached"] = "You have reached the maximum number of login attempts.";




Why replace?


File:bruteforce-saftei.zip (23.95 KB)

because it modifies behaviour of the login routine


Nice video about imageboard meta


This isn't something new but it still surprises me how pissed off it makes me that unfunny fuckers can simply appropriate dead memes and make 2k dollars a pop off it.


i woulde nod waste days of my life 2 make a 50 minute lawng polandbale video for 2K dolars



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