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File:73c3b2e02fded99dc040653ad5….jpg (1.55 MB,4093x2894)


uh oh, looks like this site will be ruining a few CPUs

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what does sustainable even mean in this context? i would think if the electricity source was renewable, they would say renewable instead, so does it just mean that they plant trees to offset the carbon dioxide or something? that'd require a lot of trees


using the latest in pressurizing and chemical methods we are able to make more coal and oil


>does it just mean that they plant trees to offset the carbon dioxide or something?

I remember reading that some countries rent their forests for this purpose.


Oh, really? I knew about carbon trading, but I didn't realize you could get credits for actually planting trees.


75% of the sites I've tested on this thing just give errors.

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (231.92 KB,1920x1080)


Certain people. Certain... anonymous people, have been saying they think /qa/ should have more variety, but they aren't making the varied threads themselves. So... what's the deal? Is there any way to encourage them to make threads? There's also the thought the sageru #qa should be interpreted into kissu more somehow, but I don't know how or if that would be done.

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Assuming cool is actually staff and not my coworker


yeah I just got banned there by one of your fags it's gay


get fucked retard


you'll see that he who laughs last LAUGHS BEST


rest in peace bro
We're all waiting for you on #jp

File:d9ed06acc884654da8c09c0d74….png (4.3 MB,2132x2480)


Identifying people because they use certain functions, such as noko, isn't healthy to neutral people who decide they want to use said functionality, but get caught in the crossfire of the reputation of an outspoken individual. There are several other cases of this occurring on other image-boards such as associating the enter key with reddit.

Though you often can't remove functionality to make something better I've decided to make noko not a visible feature. If someone chooses to add the word nokomaster to their options field then it's basically a name, but functions should be reserved for functional purposes.

Though you might instinctively jump onto the mindset that this is just like moot removing visible sage, and the arguments for or against it, I consider this better since I don't want kissu to be about staying in a single thread but viewing the entire site(exception being /ec/ for image dumping). Staying in one thread is reserved for special cases, hence why I would rather noko be something of a hidden aspect rather than visible.
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because vichan wasn't made for an overboard. This is a forgotten feature on the new ui since I designed it specifically to work with an overboard. I should add this in as the 78th bug to fix. If you use vichan ui then it's tough luck..

It's noko sage so it takes out the noko and just leaves sage.

Even if it doesn't directly tackle the root issue, removing things around it helps deal with it and coerces someone who might ad-hom to focus on substance.

I like to see lots of different colors on the page and if people use noko, sage, email and default then it leaves a pretty rainbow of purple, green, blue and yellow across the screen.

Makes the posters contribute to the design of the site in a more impactful way. But in terms of actual usage, without a lot of people using noko in the first place it puts a lot of emphasis on the few that do. Maybe in a long distant future I'll readd it...


not to forget that it discourages people to use certain features because it degrades anonymity


I noko to stay in /all/


I see, I added in posting from /all/ in vichan so it must have been a simple mistake.


I was avoiding noko even in cases I wanted to use it because I didn't want it to change how my post looked. I appreciate this change.

File:Winter.jpg (103.07 KB,800x600)



File:explorer_ObHziYvbzy.png (153.81 KB,840x593)


>$ youtube-dl --version
>C:/youtube-dl/youtube-dl.exe: error while loading shared libraries: ?: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

What happened here...
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youtubedl wants a shared library.


Oh, that was it. Nice, thanks Anonymous.


I require a smiling Kagami as payment


File:31e - Copy.jpg (54.18 KB,343x397)

Well, I guess you earned it


Hmm... that is acceptable.

File:WDPuW5EiqQ5hNVY8XZ2IHBhZOG….png (54.27 KB,500x90)


new banner alert
new banner alert!
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asuka has a BUTT the size of a whale


File:20191008015714_1.jpg (379.07 KB,1920x1080)

this makes more sense but her chest isn't that big
pirate ship whale treasure?
doesn't help


File:1616140331465.png (1.5 MB,1920x1080)

o rly?


File:20191006181957_1.jpg (410.28 KB,1920x1080)


File:dirty old man.png (1.45 MB,1401x783)


File:1610141640525.jpg (100.26 KB,728x720)


This website sucks.
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kissu meta and thread's exhausted entertainment value on /qa/


File:435e4004e577f07cf78252f204….jpg (154.74 KB,1200x1200)



File:confused_reading.jpg (38.63 KB,374x374)


it *really* sucks


File:[FFF] Love Lab - 04 [BD][1….jpg (723.15 KB,1920x1080)

It was fun and games first, but now I'm really mad!

File:a69a346f9c5b67b8f7efe559a6….jpg (125.6 KB,1000x707)


/vt/ when?
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Damn same exact board name too


Clearly the only logical explanation is that the 4chan developer lurks here!


just use literally any other imageboard


They all suck, so does 4chan. /vt/ would not be a good fit for kissu.


given the effort extended to expunge us from 4/qa/ it's probably that the manager lurked here at some point

File:24364995b790bb4644d0bdbbde….jpg (1.18 MB,1700x1950)


There's too much of a trend of girls being posing with nudity. This isn't any one person, but a natural trend of this board being used to share sexy pictures.

I think it defeats the purpose of the cute/sexy hybrid for there to be a lot of girls posing for sexual purpose. I'm reviewing every thread on this board to see what I specifically want to change about the sticky, but in general it seems like a girl posing to show off her stuff is hentai, a girl where her stuff is there is not.

The main difference I'm getting at is likely to be: is the character showing an interest in sex
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My hands are tied on this topic. Just treat me as the villain trying to ruin your fun.


>- no 2D CP
aaa my kokoro it hurts


legal jargon


legal jargon varies by country, you at least need a qualifier saying which country
it should read something like "nothing Canada considers CP (includes 2D)"


It allows verm to be more liberal in what he deletes, and not make people feel that they need to search up Canadian law to post.
only worrying until you see the stuff verm himself likes

File:1552998865628.jpg (90.81 KB,475x475)


Can vtubers be banned already?
I am sick and tired of the posturing and the faggots who keep posting them as if to incite more /pol/-tier outrage. Almost all of their threads devolve into trash, about as bad as politics threads were, but there's far more of them.
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Hello, I am from the future >>5032 was right.


haven't noticed any vtuber threads on kissu lately


I mean... It does seem at least slightly correlated. People did, and still do to a lesser degree now, get a little angry whenever vtubers get posted. Moreover, I think people have generally come to the conclusion that vtubers are fairly flawed for various reasons, which has soured people's opinion on them as well.

Even without being banned outright, they've mostly fallen into irrelevance on Kissu for these reason.


I think more of the reason is that with /vt/'s existence and gnfos changing. /vt/ did a great job of sucking up vtuber activity from everywhere else and gnfos did a great job at containing it on the spinoffs.


I don't think vtubers are posted on kissu any less now than they were before. They've always been rather rare, either because kissu users don't watch them or don't care to post about them on kissu.

File:123.webm (15.9 MB,1280x720)


Feel like any progress I try to make with learning to code stops whenever I try to make code interact with the net and I just can't think of how it works. How do I fix this


What do you mean? Is UDP kicking your ass?


It's not that. It's just that I like to build upon example, so I try to look for something that produces a result that I can physically see and then modify. But I can't really find anything like that, or if I do it's linux oriented so my motivation dies...

Maybe I should just give up and install linux on one of my devices so I can follow the web examples there are.


You can use WSL2 or even a VM if you're on windows. Are you sure you absolutely need linux?


Not at all. I'll give those a shot first.

File:Screenshot_20210210-110744….jpg (882.44 KB,1439x2960)


This banner linked malware?


File:Screenshot_20210210-110751….jpg (1.02 MB,1440x2960)



doesn't seem so. there's no scripts on the page

File:sbsnp_HP01_0528.jpg (482.37 KB,1653x1748)


Is it just me or does Kissu seem... Slower? Did vermin update the post counter to hide sages finally, or is it actually slower by some metric?


I think it's been actually slower, but the content of posts has gone up I think, so it doesn't really feel like it's taken that big a hit. Most people are probably playing games given all the threads for them.


File:[SubsPlease] Show by Rock!….jpg (158.21 KB,1280x720)

It's been a bit slower, yes. Lots of places I use have been slower this year for some reason. I think kissu was too fast for my own tastes around Nov/Dec, however.
As always, one person can single-handedly make it faster by posting threads or good replies which others will respond to which will in turn have an exponential effect on activity.


sage effects speed a lot


untrue because of rss and notifications

File:1612229536118.png (2.02 MB,1920x1080)


Why do you delete my everyone hate me thread but leave all my other threads up


Threads and posts are judged on an individual level. There are many different /jp/ boards out there and this one is different from those you may be accustomed to. I'll be moving this thread to /b/ the meta board on kissu



File:omega sudo.jpg (177.5 KB,576x768)


Remember to update sudo


haven't updated in a year

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