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If you think a video doesn't deserve its own thread, you can post it here
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¥ Flying planes is easy, you just point the stick where you want to go


the hell... that was a flight simulator


I've seen a few videos like this before. The radio communication is all real, although usually the timing may be changed or audio cleaned up a little. Then for visuals they'll have a flight sim to show what roughly happened, and occasionally they'll have actual flight path data available to get a better picture. The alternative I've seen is where instead they just show text with the audio, which is less engaging I suppose.


neat trick


I can't even...



I remember that.

Somehwat related, Tod's Workshop just did a relatively in-depth and accurate test on early plate armour against longbows.


Nice series




I found myself a type of sport that is actually fun to watch.


sigh wish i could swim in the worlds best wavepool


Dang, that's really cool. Unnaturally straight and uniform waves are kind of creepy


Podracing has NOTHING on this


I'm struggling to comprehend this existing. Speedrun for SNES Jeopardy. I just started watching it, but he has the answers loaded on GameFAQs, so it's just going through the motion and 'typing' the text in with the awkward console way of doing it which I really hated back then.
I can just assume he's doing it for the hell of it and doesn't do it "competitively"


I agree with him, Youtubers are idiots and it's annoying that people seem to take them at face value, I will see videos that have huge flaws in them and check the comments to see if people picked them up on it but not only do they often not pick this up but they praise the youtuber for it.
The people on Youtube are just people, on Youtube. They are not authorities in any way.
Some are better than others though and it depends on the subject I guess.

While yes I do agree with him, I also agree that he comes across as unlikeable.


if it exists it can be speedrun


very convenient timing


Youtubers call everything "a problem"


It's more clickbait because he puts forth the solution to the very problem which is being developed at the end of the video.


I've found some good "corner of eye" things to 'watch' while mostly focused elsewhere on the screen. This SpeedGaming channel has a lot of good content, but there is ZERO organization so it's an exercise in futility to navigate manually. Put in the name of a game in the search bar and hope you get lucky.
However, there's this "Really Really Long a Thon" that seems to have a lot of stuff that will provide some good entertainment, so I plan to search for that phrase after this one.


I found an interesting channel for chroma-keys


Rumi post




Love the grips..



Check this out


This guy does repairs on graphics card and it's really interesting. The buzzfeed-like humor of inserting random memes in the video is unfortunate, but it's still very enjoyable.
If nothing else, the time lapse parts are really cool. In this video, you can see one of the timelapse things at 2:54.
As GPU prices continue to climb I wonder if more people will do this stuff. We can certainly hope so.



It's weird we live in a time where things like this happen. Growing up I only thought I'd read about things like this, I think the 90s-2010s will be seen as a little golden age for the most part


I love tardcats.


Interesting 35m video about the failure of a MMORPG that no one here has likely heard of. I briefly did, but I completely forgot about it. Ah, Ultima Online is something I miss a lot.
Alas, I'm not sure if MMORPGs will ever have the RP part again.


Famous styles are so formulaic


>Ah, Ultima Online is something I miss a lot.
Have you tried Mortal Online 2?


I heard of it, or maybe the first one, but didn't pay much attention to it. I stopped following MMORPGs for my own wellbeing, really.
Looking at the Steam reviews for it, it seems they recently consolidated servers into one shared server and are planning on moving to UE5 which seems like a chaotic time for everyone involved.


You're a good slug Sanny.




File:9144ab9bc8.jpg (628.83 KB,2121x1559)

winning the algorithm


File:waterfox_f3CEbOlMQG.png (1.91 MB,1403x800)

I found a cool twitch channel. https://twitch.tv/SpeedrunHypeTV
As far as I'm aware it runs 24/7 and just does TAS speedrun videos of various older games. A TAS is a "tool assisted speedrun" in which people use savestates and probably slow motion to make the perfect possible run. There's no commentary, just game after game. It's pretty interesting second monitor material for sure.


love these videos








the qajpers are always härd


the qajoers


boson dynamics




This guy's channel seems pretty important

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