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Right now I'm in the middle of workshoping an idea for a GATE knock off, but it's with a Warsaw pact country.
I also have a seven chapter WN being written up. It's about a couple of tabletop characters slice of life adventuring.
Hope everyone does okay.
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File:7ee841049cec35f2d70765a364….jpg (435.54 KB,1461x2048)

On-topic saging usually means the topic isn't directly related to the OP conversation.

Anyways so I have to war game something out, a big ass battle in like China about to happen, MC leading his massive ass army that he acquired throughout the story, vs some general


File:DT22_en_hhhMUmtipx.jpg (420.85 KB,2561x1440)

>On-topic saging usually means the topic isn't directly related to the OP conversation.
That's just ordinary saging and that's okay.
>Anyways so I have to war game something out, a big ass battle in like China about to happen, MC leading his massive ass army that he acquired throughout the story, vs some general
What if they had to fight Nekone's ass


what about off topic bumping


File:805d12a28a1d5e06fd572d53aa….png (5.99 MB,2803x3103)

That's a big ass.
That's just rude.


>What if they had to fight Nekone's ass
Nekone's fat butt could be the battlefield.


I mean I could import the image into maptool and use that as the battlefield, I don't know how I'll make it work for the story though.


the battle for hometown


File:b38776cd8ab80d954a4c77de08….jpg (Spoiler Image,281.39 KB,727x1200)

I keep getting sinus headaches, haven't done anything productive...
It's more like a migraine too.


File:f891cfad8f054ec6db2b790773….png (Spoiler Image,6.94 MB,3010x4415)

So I'm almost done with the outline, the battle should be great.


File:53da9c7d7d616332a0a3036deb….jpg (Spoiler Image,303.09 KB,1200x1700)

Okay so right now I'm split between having the battle be "abstracted" which is just the polite way of saying I don't want to do a tactical battle and probably just use the Mass Combat rules from GURPS, or just doing it via tactical combat.
You know I could just do what Tolkien did (God damn LoTR is a boring read; Hobbit was much better.) and have two books inside it.


File:210d5f6802a3a0eb3cccf01f37….jpg (8.2 MB,4961x7016)

I abstracted the battle, the MC wins and after that, he manages to reclaim his homeland and the former territory of an ally he just fucked over near the end.
Now that the outline is pretty much over, I should start writing.
Will probably do that tonight because that's usually when I get into the zone of writing.


File:1605893908420.jpg (Spoiler Image,177.49 KB,1371x1431)

Slowly making progress on writing. Head's been hurting real bad so I don't really want to write..


>Head's been hurting real bad
That just means you're making progress


File:bf914ff9db382be225e8b4cabd….jpg (110.49 KB,720x900)

Well that's good at least. Head is throbbing though, sucks but whatever, going to take some Acetaminophen and maybe an aspirin


File:a1e2d5840f90200b2903c5afb3….jpg (4.38 MB,2508x3541)

Important update
Took some Aspirin.
Re-learned that alt key on firefox opens the menu bar thing (which is neat).


File:6771a4aa3cd0698ec98241d49b….png (170.29 KB,228x460)

Very important update
Beat a game of Civ V via domination victory and I defeated Japan, Caesar Legion (modded in), Incas, another indian (feather) civilization (modded in), and Brazil.
Beat the shit out Brazil with artillery fire and sending infantry to attack.


Warmongering is the worst way to win at Civ V. science is mad OP


Why is that, for both things.
I like doing war gaming and conquering lands. Ended up getting very wealthy and went communist so I could buy stuff.
Plus it took me 9 hours and it was the quickest way for me to beat the game.


Civ V is just eh for wargaming because that's not its main focus and the AI is bad at compared to IV. Which is also not great because of the unlimited unit stacks. What you're looking for is WH40K Gladius, Warlock, Age of Wonders III. Everyone raves about sins of a solar empire but thats 4x mixed with RTS.
Civ's a fun relax and zone out game but for wargaming it's ridiculous that a small tall civ like ethiopia can shit out a fighting force that can rival a massive wide one like China or the US


Ideology also doesnt get enough use. Order civs should not have to use gold on tile improvements, but maybe nerf trade routes


Age of Wonders III is not very good, IV is much better.
Though as somebody that grew up with AOW 1 I am still disappointed with how the franchise went. But I think if IV was a new franchise it would be okay whereas III is just bad.


I meant to type II


Ahh, that makes sense.


Okay, I spent 9 hours from ancient to the end game (modern era), the game was threatening me and telling me "lol Brazil is going to bitch slap you with a cultural victory if you don't attack."
So I had to attack, as Belka, from Ace Combat, didn't even get to use a lot of planes ironically enough.
But yeah it was a 9 hour game and I didn't feel like dragging it out even longer.
I also managed to booty blast most of the congress situation because I was so rich I ended up buying alliances with city-states so I can pass my legislation.


File:05ada8830273cfbfa27d5ef0d6….jpg (Spoiler Image,213.52 KB,850x1207)

Tomorrow I'm going to play another game of Civ V and hopefully go for a diplomacy victory.
And maybe booty blast some civs too

In other news, made zero progress on writing. Fucking sucks.


you're making no progress because you're playing video games when it gets hard. Also stop blogging.


Blogging is good, but after a bloody war it was confined to the blog thread >>1904
Well I mean, blogging responsibly is good. If you want to focus on writing then blogging may not be good.


File:43ae072755253af8a64a16eb00….jpg (92.45 KB,640x498)

Rare picture of alternate dimension Andy


File:cd0fadbddb6c9fc9785ac438c3….png (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB,1003x1392)

Well no, I just don't want to write at the moment.
Like the Civ V game two days ago fucked my sleep up yesterday so now that its today I will probably not write but maybe write I don't know, I got everything set up to start.


You're civving too hard


crying that miura will never get to experience U149


File:1697710171521.png (1.65 MB,1600x1600)

Alternate dimension Andy sounds like an asshole, I don't like that guy, thinks he's hot shit when he isn't. Probably doesn't even what a 4chan is.
In other, other news, I still have a sinus headache or some shit, it's not a sinus infection yet, God bless, but it's really fucking with me and the lights are so bright oy gevalt.
Anyways, there's going to be something written soon(TM). Just have to 1) be in the right mood to write smut, and 2)get over this nasty shit.


Addendum: when I said nasty shit I mean the sinus stuff.
Thank you all for reading my blog!


File:[SubsPlease] 16bit Sensati….jpg (319.84 KB,1920x1080)

but your non-writing blog should be in the blog thread...


File:5d88532eb76975eea54cc22211….jpg (239.33 KB,600x800)

Ah but don't you see, all of these things are related to my writing though.
Just take it easy.


Okay so I got inspired by recent events and started working on the story. Only a little bit of words have been written but any progress is good progress. It’s hard to write smut sometimes, I have to get into the right mindset and mood for it. Which sucks but whatever.
Got another story idea, it’s basically about a group of three civilizations that are allied with each other, so it’s like 9 civilizations on three different teams wanting to vie for the world.


File:D8XDIlxUEAAE-PG.jpg_large.jpg (Spoiler Image,152.7 KB,1000x1431)

I have managed to slowly make progress on my writing!
Also been gaming. It's really comfortable.


File:ec29be85ac8f3443dbd2275ed1….png (2.06 MB,1350x1800)

Not so important update, wrote some words in a text document.


Just have a document for your other ideas and write them there. Dont get distracted by it!


missing 4/qa/ and going down memory lane


Everyone misses it


the missers


Okay so the gameplan for today:
¥ write
That is all.


write the official vern x berz slashfic


poor berz, always getting mixed up with the bern


Okay so state of affairs time:
I have not written in a while.


Workshopping another idea, basically the gist is that MC-kun wants to be the emperor of the sub-continent and he has to fight six radically different nations.
Yeah I know it has the "stink" of Mount and Blade Warband but it's a good concept.


Actually I got a question, does anyone actually care that things end up being derivative?


If its derivative ENOUGH


Don't do a heuristic on me, I'm not good with those.

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