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File:3b6225e1c7e29a3f116606c488….jpg (97.19 KB,500x500)



a console of rom hacks sounds more interesting to me than the real deal. some of them are really entertaining
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Personally, albeit not as creative, I'm a fan of Super Luigi Land: https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=viewthread&t=94187


It quite literally spoils the article


never been there, I only posted it because it was the game in the article (which you didn't read obviously)


>Howard says he paid $60 for the console.
hahaha ohwow


i already said that that isn't an introduction to retro video games in *any way*. if that was my first exposure i would think that these are cheap knock-off consoles with ugly graphics and move on ignoring retro games as a whole like most kids do, until i find a proper introduction
you sound like an overprotective parental figure

File:888051.jpg (2.78 MB,2560x1600)


Welcome to Autumn,
The season of red, gold and brown.
The days get shorter and the night grows longer.
The seasonal cycle is nearing it's close.

This year, Autumn ends on December 21st
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File:秋.jpg (131.03 KB,999x752)


File:85725645_p0.jpg (2.48 MB,2976x4209)

Coming to a close soon


File:__original_drawn_by_yugirl….jpg (382.88 KB,1157x1637)

i don't want it to end


File:667ad0ecf9.jpg (253.86 KB,1921x974)

me on the left


Red leaves of autumn.


hella love eggs and coffee


they are hella boring to be honest


eat it yourself and post results


1 year later...

File:Screenshot 2020-12-08 0747….png (209.03 KB,898x778)


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Heh, yeah. Was thinking it sounded like a Star Trek ripoff the second it mentioned a Federation. Even before, even, since it's reminiscent of the episode in which there was a civilization like earth's where the population was also "not ready" to join the federation yet.


sage combo breaker


I think the outgoing US administration has shown that there really isn't any great secret to be spilled unfortunately


And all one needs to do is buy his book to find out more.


can I sex the ayys?

File:kanda midori.jpg (490.84 KB,900x599)


Wasn't there a cute girl thread here
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File:New-Web-Games-Kantai-Colle….jpg (80.84 KB,750x518)

/aut/ and etc. are the only places where >2d is allowed


File:zell ching.jpg (303.63 KB,1366x2048)

removed a watermark


I deleted it because it annoyed me having to see it all the time.





Not to be that guy but... why didn't you just hide it?

File:Slippery_Dick_Wrasse_-_Hal….jpg (3.12 MB,2817x1755)



>It is a protogynous hermaphrodite

File:__sakura_miko_hololive_dra….jpg (122.41 KB,850x1200)


i want more excitement and drama in my life and im just accumulating money without anything to spend it on so im thinking about developing an addiction to opiates
it would be kind of cool to wake up in a dumpster or under a highway overpass looking like a ghoul from fallout. also I'd meet tons of interesting characters like drug dealers, other addicts that we could talk about how our life took this direction and stuff
and there's even the possibility of getting into running dope and getting in gun battles and chased around by unmarked police cars and feds on some dark street

Ive seen enough movies on the subject, and being a heroin addict just seems pretty freaking COOL! Also the main character from trainspotting is super hot in those mega skinny jeans. it's freaking cool..

And all of this is before we even get into the simplest benefit of becoming a opiate abuser. It's literally the best feeling in the world. Life is like a big video game trying to get the most feelgood points with your resources. Well most people are retarded because we already invented the cheapest and way to get these points and its just to inject them directly into our brain. People who will tell you otherwise are just like weird autists who refuse to use glitches, or even the most effective items in an RPG. Yeah bro okay, spend hours and hours grinding level 1 zombies or whatever. I'm just going to skip directly to the endgame. You're never going to get as many points as me raising some shitty family with a wife that comes to hate you, or working a corporate job.

does /qa/ have any tips and tricks about becoming addicted to opiates?
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Rats. Heroin.
You and me, baby, we can increase the net happiness of the world.


rats dont feel as good from heroin as we do


I see your point, but if we drug all humans, who will drug the rest of life?


I'm not advocating for some kind of autistic utility monster program to inject every life form with heroin. i just think it makes sense for individuals to procure and inject heroin themselves in the current world.

as for that kind of movement. just read david pearce

he has a much more thought out program than me...
reading his website makes me want to kill myself tbdesu


I'll check it out.


funny, had this channel recommended for a while and thought this was interesting.
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The video says that it used a method of processing milk that alters the fat to mimic a vomit flavor.. but it's got amazing shelf life


I don't eat much candy or sweets anymore, but especially not that kind of garbage they stick at the front registers of stores for idiots and kids.


noticed that chocolate candies don't make me feel anything anymore recently. dunno if it's because the recipes changed or if my reward system is completely ruined


Never ate much candy but I don't think they are only for idiots and kids


File:AreciboDishDamage_1280p.jpg (328.59 KB,1280x720)


Bad news for this telescope, but this looks amazing. I think I've fought in this area in a few JRPGs and seen it in a few anime
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What a shame. It was a good telescope. What a rotten way to die.


The worst part about this is that the US doesn't really invest in scientific research anymore, outside of universities, so there probably won't be a replacement that matches or exceeds Arecibo for something like a decade or more.


I'm not so sure about the space research field, but how advanced/useful was Arecibo compared to other countries' space observation devices?


Arecibo was unique in that it was capable of both transmitting and receiving radio waves. Most other radio telescopes are only capable of receiving radio waves. The only other telescopes capable of transmitting are much smaller and are lower power. The reason why that's significant is because it meant that Arecibo was capable of radar, which allowed it to accurately determine the distance between the Earth and the various celestial bodies within the solar system, which allowed us to accurately track the paths of asteroids and such.


File:1601765568680.png (1.04 MB,1920x1440)

File:800.jpeg (110.37 KB,600x800)


Apparently a bust of Hermes' head was unearthed in Greece during sewage construction. Neat stuff. A shame there's not nearly as many historical sites of archeological significance in the New World, outside of the Aztec, Maya, and Inca.


File:DmVZlPvXsAEtow1.jpg (71.69 KB,1273x1786)

>A shame there's not nearly as many historical sites of archeological significance in the New World, outside of the Aztec, Maya, and Inca.
What if there are, but everyone is keeping quiet about it?

I always found it puzzling how north america is so big but the only civilizations we know about are all in central/south america.


I've heard before that some artifacts get destroyed or hidden as soon as they are found because some farmer or construction lot developer doesn't want their livelyhood interrupted for some big government mandated archeology project.


File:8ad1005d22255df62213ee8501….jpg (63.3 KB,700x472)

Well, there was the Mississippian culture. To my knowledge they supposedly had villages and such that wouldn't have been out of place for medieval Europe, but their civilization collapsed about a century before Columbus even made it to the Americas.


>I always found it puzzling how north america is so big but the only civilizations we know about are all in central/south america.
I imagine there are geographical/enviromental and political reasons for this. There is the Mississippian civilization that existed along the Mississippi river valley. For whatever reason they (along) with the rest of pre-columbian american civilizations "lagged" behind in certain areas considered to be apart of "civilization"; I'm simply throwing this out there but something like a lack of a variety of pack animals or an "inland" sea like the Mediterranean could have caused the pre-columbian north american civilizations to develop more slowly.
Also by just glancing at the wikipedia entry it could be that the arrival of europeans and climate change came at a very unfortunate time for the Mississippian peoples such that by the time the west came along only mounds were left

File:EmTPtAdVoAAgY_n.jpg (51.22 KB,448x598)


I wish every person over 55 would die.
I wish boomers would all die already.
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File:1448557869993.png (1.81 MB,1350x1800)

boomer boobers


it's just the norm! the norms!


File:FE Veronica 002 E.png (2.63 MB,1638x2400)

I don't care about age, race or religion. I just wish all poor people would die.


You scored neutral evil, didn't you?


File:Snowwhite_hardgorealice_la….jpg (343.68 KB,1050x729)

I don't want people to die. That rarely solves anything.
What I want is for people to consider what they're doing, why, and start seeking peace. Not only with others, but with their own selves.

Men reflecting and having an earnest change of heart is far more less likely then mass murder, but that's what makes it such a worthwhile dream.


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wouldn't know, came across it from a simpsons video


well, it is pretty savage


This title sounds misleading because Socrates never wrote anything, and Plato wrote all the dialogues using him as a mouthpiece. We may never know what Socrates' political alignment was because the closest thing we've got to his biography is an anecdotal account made by Xenophon.


I wish I wasn't dumb and could understand greeks.


I heard somewhere that he may never have even existed, I think it was in the preface of my version of Plato's symposium(That I didn't read because it's literally gay).

File:TusTusHR-13279806167305707….mp4 (23.86 MB,1280x720)


The fruit tarts are real! Real!!!


She's much bigger irl


File:[Erai-raws] Ochikobore Fru….jpg (152.81 KB,1280x720)

They're not singing the broccoli song...


File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (230.33 KB,1280x720)

they're way too fat


File:1564014748144.jpg (230.66 KB,800x720)

uh dropped


listening to this now in loop

File:1605932683971.jpg (64.96 KB,650x867)




File:1485636404781.jpg (207.58 KB,510x624)



File:5185.png (116.79 KB,663x713)

File:0AA7CD30-1113-4306-BCEA-1….jpeg (126.81 KB,510x710)


say no to big breasts


File:7190020d9364a14ea222bac11a….jpg (424.01 KB,794x676)


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