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File:[Asenshi] Yuru Camp - 00 (….png (1.36 MB,1280x720)


Can't wait until it's cold enough that I can lay in bed with blankets playing a handheld again. I don't know if I ever feel more content.
Ahh... why is being warm while surrounded by cold so comforting?


I'm not so much a mobile gamer, but man do I love bundling up in the winter. It's so nice to just get all comfy by my lonesome and watch some anime.


File:nichijou-study.gif (1.67 MB,498x398)

The time has come!

File:1488653364570.jpg (926.92 KB,1920x1806)


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Your parents are Gen-z...?


was talking to a relative in high school recently. He have a PC and wanted to talk to me about stuff.
He didn't know what a forum was, which quite shocked me.


I don't think most people now days use forums unless they are techies or computer geeks. Forums are dying out...


It may surprise you, but some people have no idea how those work regardless of generation. I know my mother and grandmother are the same way and wouldn't know how to unzip a file if their life depended on it.


Their brains are young enough though that if you can just work on keeping them focused they can learn how to use it in a short amount of time.

People getting too used to tablet/touch interfaces is a larger issue I think though. My newphew is on them all the time and he has autism; rather than fine tuning his motor skills and muscle memory he's just passively getting blasted with nonsense little kid videos, and getting way to rigid comfortable with a format that may change by the time he's reaching adulthood.


Good advice for cold times and space heaters

File:1483769847681.png (492.09 KB,614x578)



Alas, he doesn't have the connections and insider trading knowledge to really make the big bucks. He'll always be stuck in the hamster race of life


fuck those stupid websites forcing account creation and then making the page static and un-filterable. not reading.


just use noscript


File:2021-09-28 23-05-46.mp4 (389.45 KB,1920x1080)

still can't read the page


File:75408806c345ae626db156e499….jpg (819.13 KB,1400x1600)

load any cancerous websites through archive.is

File:image.png (102.81 KB,500x281)


I went on my yearly 6hr autumn walk through the park trials for these walks I start on the bike paths before going off to the unmarked areas. I normally bring a weapon but I foolishly forgot this time luckily there was no danger.
I couldn't say the same for this caterpillar I found on the bike path before going to the unmarked areas. It was a monarch and knowing there are indangered I picked it off the path so it wouldn't go squish from bikes and carried it away to an unmarked area deep in the woods to be safe. I then altered my route because I don't like backtracking.

Hours pass and I head back to the bike path only to see a squished caterpillar on my trek I start to think "I hope that's just one I didn't carry" only to find just up ahead 13 more dead monarch caterpillars. Now I'm thinking that I did it for nothing I saved one only to see a bunch more dead...maybe even the one I "saved" maybe if I didn't see the one caterpillar I could have saved others..maybe I'm only fooling myself.
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fuck bugs. they all should be exterminated.


File:1369178329043.png (502.65 KB,600x854)




what kind of weapon?


Their weapon of choice


I just use a standard well lubed Swiss army knife no need for anything fancy I feel. Recently found more trails one said "use at own risk" and "area prone to flooding" only went a few kilometres in because I had smelt stagnate water so I will need to go when it's dry.
Weird I'm going through my music from the 00's folder and realized I haven't gone to that album yet.

File:92792884_p0-min.png (1.56 MB,2046x1389)


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Well, that's how it looks towards the end at least. Do you not have any deciduous trees around? It would indeed me depressing if you can't see any trees at all, but that wouldn't be unique to autumn.


File:Suika drinking full moon.jpg (149.28 KB,1600x1132)

I'm quite pleased that the first day of Autumn actually felt like it. It was such a nice night with a full moon I sat outside in my folding chair just sipping beer and skygazing.


you live somewhere without trees?


There are trees here. The problem is that the rain and the lack of sunlight makes everything look murky.


sounds as if you live in scotland




Love their content and recently saw the one making fun of the History channel yeah good stuff.


their animations are really nice too, if you haven't watched those yet

File:10383.jpg (136.68 KB,800x800)


Is there anything better than this crap, but for a similar price?


I don't think anything beats ramen prices unless you're making meals yourself. But, you really shouldn't eat too much of it. All that sodium is pretty bad for you.


File:041000022463-1096944-png.webp (140.55 KB,1500x1500)

This stuff might be SLIGHTLY more nutritious, but I haven't done any comparison with price and stuff. There's also that old Chicken Helper brand from Betty Crocker, but I haven't eaten it in over a decade.
This is a good question and I'm curious, too.


File:0ce5d67a0faa3852476547d3c8….jpg (834.94 KB,858x1200)



sugar is evil




File:82024973_p0.png (962.25 KB,1056x876)

America wins again


Oh hey, I remember someone recently was talking about making good homemade mac&cheese or something.


That was me. Hey, that seems like a helpful video and I might do that. I need to buy real cheese first, though. Firm cheese, huh. I have zero knowledge about cheese so I guess I'd just go with what he mentions there

File:539fb414e27a4bb31cf1e0bb57….jpg (1015.35 KB,3236x2000)


Sunset is at 4:13...
when will this end...


File:index.jpg (1.45 MB,2560x1080)

aaaaa sunrise is at 7:28
I'm living in the dark


File:920690.jpg (1.12 MB,1076x1520)

I wish the eternal night could continue forever, it's nice...


Let's trade. There's still light at 9 pm here


Can't wait until we get back to this... I don't like sleeping at daybreak.

File:1602519675414.mp4 (1.4 MB,540x960)


I game
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That's not moonspeak, that's chinese.


would not mind if this was a soundless webm. chinese sounds awful.


However do you mean?


they are the dark side of the moon


she plays fighters just like i do...

File:1593012600014.jpg (319.21 KB,1366x768)


Fall is always the best anime season, do you agree? I've noticed this in the 4 years I've been watching seasonal anime
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Do the nips have a break during this season or something? Maybe that'd explain why they save all the good stuff for this time


File:b3239b608f48e10cac64cbe5d2….jpg (54.28 KB,720x720)

I've seen so many seasons come and go that I can't really say which is generally better than another. Usually they all just mesh into a year or general time period. Only real year I remember fall especially was 2017 for being one of the best seasons in a while during what was a mostly uneventful year.


File:75188423_p0.jpg (3.06 MB,2894x4093)

Looking back at it now though, Summer and Fall each had a really good show in them as well, and Winter was chock full of good content. Guess it was just that SSR and HnK stood out so much from the rest.


File:1290Rimi-Ushigome-Cool-t7H….png (654.81 KB,1334x1002)

Fall wins again!!! For me at least.


File:89163950_p0.jpg (10.06 MB,2976x4210)

Hey wait that's this season...


Here's to learning English


Is he drawing /qa/-tan at the end?


Thank Mr.English for sharing us these insights.


No, he is drawing a face. He drew /qa/tan yesterday morning



Favorite streamer dropped out of University I graduated from to play AoE full time
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it was german


They still use punctuation in Germany, didn't you finish elementary school? This university must be worse than I first thought with standards like that.


if you like punctuation so much why dont you marry it




I actually don't see the Franks as a good civilization choice. They broke apart way too early, they really would not get past the Dark age in the game and certainly they should not be using throwing axemen in the imperial age or existing at all at that point.

File:1547603172095.jpg (795.28 KB,1024x1125)


Winter is just around the corner.


File:f021dbad8ea32569dc5224b508….jpg (187.59 KB,900x1440)

Can hardly wait, it's my favorite season.


thats not very appropriate winter attire

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