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File:C-1695961434300.jpeg (112.26 KB,1200x630)


How do I rank the healthyness of my vegetables and roots?


Dont trust lettuce


Cabbages are dangerous.


superman broccoli



remember to eat your daily ray peat carrot salad

File:1643897952872.png (144.23 KB,600x600)


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But considering she's a royal she still may object to these things anyway


File:1692583693315.jpg (64.98 KB,460x611)

You forgot bonus


File:1552160018243.png (171.94 KB,531x370)

Bonus is fine, I just got a bonus in NEET crowns because of the inflation.


why would she royals collect taxes


File:50aa9dbdc94db4d517568fd215….png (416.19 KB,670x1000)


File:673C5AEB-583F-4A71-89B4-9….jpeg (126.43 KB,953x968)


Want a shpwite cwanbewwy?
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File:1489191910869.jpg (50.04 KB,402x556)

Do u liek Dk Pepper?


File:b5ee0222fcc04e3a7f56aae86b….jpg (68.79 KB,568x574)


File:1692807078860205.jpg (36.01 KB,568x574)


dr pepper is the only soda i actually like outside of some more expensive brands of root beer


File:1524426877289.jpg (33.39 KB,604x340)

Gold digging armpit slute vs. Brain-enhancing refreshments
Yeah I'll take the dokupe.

File:1601383408773.jpg (10.69 KB,225x225)


Bune, Bune, Bune!

Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa
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It's a cornet and a trombone's love child.


love bune


File:Ron_a11_default_1.png (577.2 KB,995x1224)

Who is this Bune? Help me summon Ronove instead.


Don't like this Bune fella. How do we not summon him?


File:sing.png (793.71 KB,1280x723)

Bure, Bure, Bure, Bure.

File:C-1670537811149.png (1.15 MB,1280x720)


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File:20230925_001714.jpg (658.47 KB,3000x4000)

one of my last times in stocks was trying to buy gazprom at the start of the conflict and i realized this was not for me
so I buy pokemon cards instead.


Are you aho?


File:MmsCamera_2023-09-21-21-19….jpg (206.27 KB,1536x763)

neat. My brother sends tons of cards to me because he doesn't want to use his local postal box.


ah well that's a bit of a crummy photo but yeah. lots of cards


What decade is this?
Did we finally go back to 2005?

File:79498673_p0_master1200.jpg (888.15 KB,900x1200)


Mistaken for a girl. Ambivalent feelings.
Probably only because I was wearing a mask. Ambivalent feelings.
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wonder if OP is still cute! after 3 years


File:sample_9cb7f78bfe4723368ae….jpg (132.72 KB,850x850)

i'm not OP but people mistake me for a girl all the time. i think it's because i have long hair and don't talk much.
i don't mind it, i think it's funny to trick people.
though sometimes i feel kind of bad, there was this one time i was helping an elderly lady put stuff in her car and she said "thank you, young lady" and i didn't have the strength to correct her...


as a femboy with feminine eyes, i assume it is because it is hiding the jaw since the jawline always indicates if one is a female or male even if he or she dresses perfectly as the opposite sex.

here is an example, although it isn't the perfect example, you can clearly see that the dude is a male due to his jawline.


indeed. jawlines are the curse of masculine femininity.


File:1623275113381.png (34.55 KB,215x230)

Imagine the five o'clock shadow.

File:better-op-img.jpg (1.94 MB,1378x2039)


Any noodle otaku here?


File:Utawarerumono.S02E09.False….jpg (237.4 KB,1920x1080)

give Kuon that food NOW


File:[Alexvgz] Azumanga Daioh 2….jpg (69.15 KB,745x734)

I know how to throw some hard noodles into a pot of boiling water with a bit of salt and olive oil and get out soft noodles, yes.

File:waterfox_w8p1yK5Jr0.png (1.08 MB,1088x836)


Let's nuke asteroid some people. https://neal.fun/asteroid-launcher/
This is actually more fun than the nuke version because of the variables and it shows you cool animations and information on how stuff is damaged or how people die.
I just ended the World Cup early


damn, doesn't include tsunami from impacts


Yeah, I was a bit disappointed by that, too


it's fine, still more interesting than the nuke version


I thought I was looking at Touhou for a second.

File:The.Good.the.Bad.and.the.U….jpg (219.15 KB,1920x816)


Has kissu laid eyes upon media from the forbidden third dimension recently?
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File:Blow.Out.1981.1080p.BluRay….jpg (112.54 KB,1920x800)

Watched "Blow Out" (1981). Quite a great thriller centered about an accident that slowly unravels into a conspiracy. Kept an intimidating presence throughout, and I enjoyed the protagonist's character arc.

Especially the final scene, where the events of the film have led to Jack becoming a broken husk of his former self. His reignited yearning for justice is quashed by the same tragedy which took him out to begin with occurring to someone he grew close to.


Seeing this on CCTV was a bit of a surprise, it seems like the commies can never decide if they're cool with dynastic stuff or not


I've never seen traditional japanese opera, but both Koreans and Chinese tend to categorize caterwauling as "folksy" or "traditional" and its odd.
Im sure they see Middle English and Early Modern English in a poor light as well


I think it's a pick and chose thing. All art has to be approved either way


It could be that you have to be able to understand Chinese to get it, it might be that the way the language sounds 'caterwauling' makes it easier to understand or something like that.

File:550d5e0b9e659242114310a7af….jpg (907.04 KB,2358x2123)


What's your favorite country in springland?
(Southern Hemisphere)
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I like Antarctica, but that's not a country. What's not to love about barren, frozen deserts and unique terrain?


You won't trick me, I am Australian.


House prices in New Zealand seem to be more effected by government policy and the demographics of the nation rather than a few rich people. The New Zealand government is strict on allowing new housing developments but also the North Island has 3.9 million people while the south Island has 1.2 Million people even though it's larger. So their might be places in the South Island that are cheaper to buy as well.


What are South Africans like? I get the impression that they are bogans but with more guns.


It really depends on ethnic group.

File:051b8eba97b1bb09e954e2c463….jpg (275.47 KB,800x800)


sense of time is completely busted... my body has no idea if it's 6AM or 4PM
this always happens in the early periods of winter late fall...
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Why? Is it really important if you don't have anything to do during daytime?


You should still have some kind of schedule so that you can be more healthy and have more energy and so you can better manage your life.


I've had schedules in the past and I still had no energy


My life is done for already. Nothing to manage.


Uh, you can still manage your body so you're healthy at the very least. Usually helps to improve your overall outlook on life.


Is it just me or does anyone else hate these upscales and recolorizations of old film? They're just so disgusting.


Yeah, that looks too weird to me. It's less distracting to have it full of noisy grain


I like them if they are done well but that one wasn't.


Colourisation is alright if it's done properly, but upscaling and the obsession with 60 fps ruins them.

File:Large Charge.mp4 (6.2 MB,1024x576)


i can hear it


I had to check that the music there wasn't in Zero Wing. It sounds so much like it.
Megadrive/Genesis had such a nice sound chip. I wish I played more of its games back in the day


File:Moon and Stars.mp4 (4.71 MB,540x720)

can you hear it


Welcome, Moon and Star.

File:a36481c6966d9b52b3c2603b65….jpg (523.81 KB,1328x1774)


It's starting to get awfully cold out. Is Kissu staying warming? It feels like Winter is just around the corner.
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I hope we get snow this year.


got a couple inches of snow outside today. staying warn though with my hoodie and comfy pajamas.


its supposed to be thunderstorming this weekend but when i woke up it was sunny so i quickly did my grocery shopping even though i was tired. hoping for a good storm later gonna make a hot choco


wow, the qt on the left is SO COLDthat she has gym shorts AND tights under the skirt.

anyways, my room hovers around 65 degrees or 17-18C; I would prefer it to be a bit warmer but these old apartments with wood floors just feel cold. Cold makes for better, deeper sleep though, so I hear.

same, Winter without snow is just cold, no magic and wonder.



File:istockphoto-182160027-612x….jpg (31.43 KB,612x546)


Seasons are dumb and stupid


I like them. Thread nullified.


I agree! It's freaking 2022 already. We need controlled weather in a space station habitat. But instead we just have a bunch of retards in positions of power who's pissing all of that potential away.


It'll never happen because of the intense opposition to it.


You could just get an air conditioner...


It wouldn't be fun without seasons.

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