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File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….png (1.86 MB,1920x1080)


How do you feel about the ocean/large bodies of water? Have you seen them or spent time swimming in them? Personally I've only ever seen an ocean from an airplane so I don't count it.
It's something I'd like to experience one day, but at the same time it kind of freaks me out to not have land beneath me. Nature shows and even video games really make underwater areas seem so cool to explore, like an alien world. It's a shame we need a bunch of equipment to do it since it's not our natural environment.
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Ever see any Michigan Fresh Water penguins?


I'm going to bury all the ocean-hating kissuers neck deep in the sand


File:buried.jpg (499.39 KB,2100x1500)


did i say kani so much that i became one


Only the ones at the Detroit Zoo.

File:69844d63d4d1668c3b5cdb9271….png (362.05 KB,900x1273)


I live in the Western Hemisphere. So keep that in mind, I put aside US$1.5K for a vacation and Myanmar was one of my favorite budget destinations. This is off the table, for obvious reasons. Do you have any recommendations for vacays around that price point? Im thinking Devon, England next summer.
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Any of you gone to Nippon post-covid? Can you still do a couple of weeks there for about $2k all-in? What's the process like for entering the country now? Do I have to show proof of vax?

Ideally, I'd like to spend like $6k all-in and come home with a big haul of stuff. But I mainly plan on going mostly to visit some temples and the national parks. I only plan on spending maybe three days in Tokyo all together. Tokyo doesn't even interest me that much because I've heard how bad Akiba has gotten lately. I'm mainly going to say I went there.

There used to be some good anon guides for planning this trip but they haven't been updated in years. Considering the cost of food in my country doubled in the last year or two I'm expecting a trip to the other side of the world has as well.


File:96dba6911b65fb1d2b0c7b3ed1….jpg (213.22 KB,642x642)

>I've heard how bad Akiba has gotten lately
The smaller backstreets are still good from what I've heard.


File:Screenshot from 2023-11-20….png (40.58 KB,1043x433)

>Can you still do a couple of weeks there for about $2k all-in?
If you stick to budget accommodations, fly there during the off-season and take advantage of discounts like the JR Pass.
>Do I have to show proof of vax?
It doesn't seem like it anymore.


They massively increased the price of the JR Pass, it's not worth it anymore unless you're taking nonstop shinkansen trips. https://www.jrailpass.com/blog/japan-rail-pass-prices-increase


>Do I have to show proof of vax?
>It doesn't seem like it anymore.
NTA. Looks like I might actually be able to go somewhere now. I hadn't even personally thought about doing any kind of travel since 2020 and all of that needed to be done in order to board a plane.

File:1696202560598.png (3.16 MB,1068x1326)

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Right now I'm in the middle of workshoping an idea for a GATE knock off, but it's with a Warsaw pact country.
I also have a seven chapter WN being written up. It's about a couple of tabletop characters slice of life adventuring.
Hope everyone does okay.
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Okay so state of affairs time:
I have not written in a while.


Workshopping another idea, basically the gist is that MC-kun wants to be the emperor of the sub-continent and he has to fight six radically different nations.
Yeah I know it has the "stink" of Mount and Blade Warband but it's a good concept.


Actually I got a question, does anyone actually care that things end up being derivative?


If its derivative ENOUGH


Don't do a heuristic on me, I'm not good with those.

File:Screenshot from 2023-11-14….png (102.35 KB,638x401)


I got a job fundraising for autism
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It's weird to think that the Peter's Pence drive during the "get your tax deductible money sent out" season means the US inadvernently sends a lot of solid currency to the Vatican City


There are some people who just keep going forever, but most will regularly give you a turn. You can use that to cut their meandering thoughts short with a concise summary of what they're trying to say and forcibly move on to the next point. When you handle the same conversations over and over again you get a feel for how they're structured and can progress them faster. I tried speedrunning calls on a help desk and cut my average call time to under 5 minutes before I got in trouble for being too efficient and went back to letting people talk for as long as they wanted because I was paid by the hour.


customer service rather than customer help


Calling it customer service is misleading because it makes it sound like you're giving customers blowjobs when really you're just changing their passwords.


so many things not to say in response



cute death cat


cheetahs are just really big cats at the end of the day...


File:vampire cat.webm (1.78 MB,608x1080)



File:1495952275336.webm (2.73 MB,976x550)

want cheetah gf


File:1684186130042385.webm (1.96 MB,720x720)

File:53238527_p0.png (911.59 KB,771x1000)


The Night of Frights approaches!
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Nice! Seems good. The only ones I ever cut were as a kid and we had these little stencil paper things to make preset faces. I guess it looked good, but in hindsight it would have been better if we did something creative


I have a funny ceramic jack-o-latern but I forgot to get it out this year... Maybe next year.


File:F9sxucUa0AAfbD9.jpg (304.47 KB,1142x1623)

The first half of November counts as Halloween right?


File:103916222_p0.jpg (638.8 KB,1772x1262)

Actually the hour after midnight on the 31st it switches right back to christmas, which is september-october 21st+november 1st-december 31st


STOP. September is Halloween's month. November I can live with being taken by Christmas. Thanksgiving wasn't that great anyways.

File:arisu halloween.png (89.7 KB,356x1768)


Trick or treat
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File:secret halloween.png (91.94 KB,356x1768)


Hah awesome! I know this was a thing (I think on /v/?) a few years ago, so do you have a blank template?


File:1444524054394.png (50.49 KB,356x1768)

It's like 15 years old at this point and spread to other boards from /v/.


File:kanojo halloween.png (112 KB,356x1768)


I checked and I'm glad my edit is still getting posted on /a/.

File:R-1698189580397.png (248.32 KB,429x479)


A youtuber I like is doing a survey on how people categorize the Mario games, in preparation for a followup to another video he already made on the subject, https://youtu.be/XejJ6PzPtEw?si=CIkpaXzp9Htcvphs

He wanted people to reach out to others so he could get answers from outside his audience, and I figured this would be the sort of thing Kissu would be interested in. Here's the link if you want to take it. Be warned that it's very long, because basically everything that's remotely related to Mario and technically counts as a game is on it.
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Its a little bit freaky they were making Game & Watches into the 90s


File:mario.png (87.93 KB,270x378)



it's a-me


File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (309.61 KB,1920x1080)

Is this a Mario post? I vote 'yes'


File:ta_warai.png (139.32 KB,238x480)

Congratulations Comrade Mario!

File:1574319088196.jpg (98.53 KB,700x700)


get dabbed on, /aut/


File:[SubsPlease] Hikikomari Ky….jpg (321.01 KB,1920x1080)

That poor cat has no torso ;_;

File:[SubsPlease] Hikikomari Ky….jpg (264.48 KB,1920x1080)


It's near-freezing outside and I brought out my heated mattress pad. I opened the window to make the room nice and cold and turned on the mattress pad. Once I get so cold that I start to lose dexterity in my fingers I'm going to almost (but not entirely) close the window and then hop in bed and play some video games.
It really is the simple things in life that are the best


File:9a39166b29a12471224e321e6b….jpg (24.95 KB,500x415)

i'm envious of you. my window doesn't have a screen, so if i opened it, bugs would start flying in.

File:F1mxWC1aQAAp2NW.jpg (144.65 KB,1500x1900)


Do you ever daydream about being in Japan?
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cute Flan


Always think it'd be a pretty cool experience to go and visit, and unlike other nations Japan seems to be fairly safe versus any other nation I could possibly tour (or even compared to cities near me).

I think I'd want to explore Akihabara, and maybe get a lot of souvenirs while there. Also as a food lover I'd have to try out a bunch of different restaurants while there. Maybe if I could plan it well I'd go during Comiket to actually be present for one, feels like it'd be a really nice experience.


English everywhere is a terrible thing


You say imperialism, I say lingua franca


File:R-1698450733518.jpg (156.55 KB,890x729)

willow trees are the best

File:F9PQhsvakAEm5rN.png (426.91 KB,636x800)


Please look at this image.
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what a philosophical question.


File:F9byNnLbwAAalEf.jpg (40.39 KB,599x671)

Only if you look at this one.


Well, patchy? I opened the door for you, do you want to go in or not?


File:kissu-spoiler.png (Spoiler Image,71.68 KB,255x255)

Why is furry patchy so cute?


Isn't she always?

File:__patchouli_knowledge_touh….jpg (295.05 KB,1000x1412)


(This thread is partially in response to some of the posts in https://kissu.moe/qa/thread/115066)
The way people look at civilization collapse, especially internet people, is a gross simplification of the way things actually work. Honestly, the term "collapse" itself bothers me, because it encourages that sort of thinking.

Civilizations don't fall apart over night. The most famous example of civilization collapse, the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, was a slow, incremental process, much longer than a single life time, and by the time it had fully died it might as well have already been dead. It's paramount to an old man in bad health dying of a heart attack; it's sad, but everyone knew it was going to happen sooner or later, and so they were prepared for it.

And to be clear, I get that a modern collapse would probably be a bigger deal than the collapses of yesteryear. We're more dependent on our infrastructure now than we've ever been, and our infrastructure is more dependant on technology now than its ever been. Things are definitely going to be different without them. But the process itself is still a gradual one; gradual enough to give people time to adjust to the new normal as it developes. We're not going to turn into Mad Max where we're all scrounging for resources and killing each other any time soon, and it's most certainly not going to happen over night unless there's a nuclear holocaust or something.
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The Western Roman Empire isn't really a good example of a societal collapse.
Because society did not collapse, it was the empire that did and in that collapsed a period of turmoil ensued that had Germanic tribes marauding around the empire causing havoc, taking over areas and setting down. But even then, it was not as bad as people make it out to be, even during these times society still functioned, it was not completely destroyed.

A better example would be the Bronze Age collapse.

But still I don't see it ever happening to us.


The Roman Empire didn't collapse in a day, but villages on its frontier did. That's what people are really afraid of: that they'll be on the front lines of change. Only instead of famines and barbarians, we worry about rising sea levels and nuclear strikes.

We have. Humanity has survived at least one full on ice age and came out more widespread than ever. Both the third century crisis and the bronze age collapse were caused in part by climate events that sparked food shortages and mass migrations. Desertification has caused regions like north Africa and the middle east to be much less fertile than they were 2000 years ago. The only thing that's new is that we think we can stop it from happening this time. Actually, that's not new either, it's just that we've switched from praying for salvation and atoning for our sins to sorting the recyclables and counting carbon emissions which will probably be at least somewhat more effective.


Collapseniks are a sign of the times, the Just Stop Oil people believe very psuedoscientific things and the figurehead of the movement is an autistic girl with magical powers


A single mention of a reddit buzzword is enough to warant a lock


File:lunareclipse-nov2021.mp4 (869.95 KB,760x380)


Eclipse season starting again! Next one is a partial lunar eclipse on November 19.
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Hey I live in the total zone!


Lucky Tasmania


It was cloudy and I saw nothing


I slept through it, but it was supposed to be cloudy and I was only in the 3rd best zone anyway


I forgot about it completely and my blinds are closed so I didn't even notice it becoming darker outside orz

File:25134840f8f9c781dde362696d….jpg (290.6 KB,953x1000)


its friday the 13th
happy halloween


File:2dfa734f6fb5830d43ebc3a4c7….jpg (2.49 MB,2043x2960)

But it's noon of the 12th...


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (220.53 KB,1920x1080)


this thread is too scary for me


File:93778833_p0.jpg (479.44 KB,1000x780)

Get spooked nerd.


File:112412513_p0.jpg (2.18 MB,1817x6011)

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